The RNG Lucky Roll Challenge

The RNG Lucky Roll Challenge is a Festival activity where you challange the RNG, in an easy challenge, using the RNG's rules.

In-game Description

A completely pitch-black shack juts out of the ground,
absorbing all light. From within, a single, giant, lidless eye
glares at you. As you approach, a sickly limb protrudes from
the mass, dropping a number of dice onto a cracked tray, then
motions at a sign.

The RNG's Happy Fluffy Pony Pony

Roll 10 d10s - for each one that rolls 2 or
, win a Prancy Lovely Pony Parade,
worth Eleventy Billion Ryo!

Wow! That sounds so easy!

Roll The Dice!


Subsequent visits

A thin, greasy plume of smoke trails out of a crack in the ground, and no one around remembers there ever being anything here..
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