Terri's Marksman Showdown

Terri's Marksman Showdown is a Festival activity where you shoot coins for Tiny Bees

In-game Description

You walk up to a booth, surprisingly run by Terri. Flipping a single Diamond Ryo, she speaks to the crowd.

"Accuracy isn't everything, but for some of you, it will be. It's my job to drill that into your heads, so that when it counts, you don't end up dead. So, today, we practice."

She peers at people, bangs covering one eye. "I flip this coin, you take a shot with that launcher over there. Get as close to the exact center as you can." She flips the coin away from her, high over the crowd. In a blur, she grabs the rifle, whips it up to her covered eye, fires, and returns it. A poison needle arcs like lightning through the air, piercing the crystal in the exact center, pinning the coin to a post across the fairway - next to a dozen just like it."

"The 11 closest Players to the center get one of these." Reaching under the counter, she lifts up a high-tech rifle, painted yellow and black.

This is a Tiny Bee Rifle. One coin (1.000 Ryo) per try. Your best time is what counts. Let's get started."

(Should you already have a Tiny Bee of some sort, you will instead win a Sho Nuff Elixir.
Also: why did she say 'Players'? And why could you hear the capital letter in it?)

Or on a personal Festival day (assuming you already have a Tiny Bee Rifle):

Terri's Marksman Showdown!

You walk up to the Marksman booth, as Terri picks at her fingernails. She smiles as you approach. "Hey, I saw you fighting the other day. Nice moves."

She leans in. "So, you think you can hit the target today?" She prepares to flip a coin in the air..

You are about to get a prize!
If you already have this weapon, or if you have another unbanked Tiny Bee Weapon, you'll just get a Sho Nuff, so TRIPLE CHECK first."

(It looks like you'll be getting a Sho Nuff Elixir if you hit it now.)

Reach for the gun

Terri's Marksman Showdown!

You get a grip on the gun, just as Terri puts her hand on yours and gazes into your eyes. Without breaking eye contact, she flips the coin behind her, raises your hand, and fires your gun over her shoulder - aiming via the reflection?




You received a Sho Nuff Elixir!

Game Rules

  • Game cost is 1000 Ryo per Coin
  • Get as close as you can to the center of the coin (In picoBillies)
  • The top 1% (at least 11) players who are closest to the center wins
  • If you spend a total of 110 million ryo on this game1, these prompts appear:

Terri pulls you aside. "110 Million? Really?
That's insane. Look, hold on a sec.."
She scratches off 110 million from her notes on how much you've spent, and rummages around in the stall..

Terri looks around. "This goes against everything I'm supposed to stand for, but this is getting ridiculous. Type "QQ" below (no quotes, all caps), hit 'Gimme Gimme', and I'll give you a Rifle. If you already have a Rifle, or if you have another unbanked Tiny Bee Weapon, you'll just get a Sho Nuff, so TRIPLE CHECK first."

(It looks like you'll be getting a Tiny Bee Rifle if you hit it now.)

> Gimme Gimme

She looks around, and when no one is looking, she tosses you a Tiny Bee Rifle.

You got a Tiny Bee Rifle!

110 million is subtracted from your total, in case you spend that much again. If you already have an unbanked Tiny Bee weapon, a Sho Nuff Elixir is substituted.


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