Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller can be found at the Festival.

Rover (wearing an ill-fitting headwrap) starts making noise the moment you make eye contact.

"OoooOOOohhh! I can SEE your FUTURE! Speak into the Crystal Ball, and all may be revealed!"

You start to ask a question, but every time you open your mouth, he just starts "oooOOOoo"-ing again..

Type a question here (200 characters max), get your fortune, and maybe 11DBHK will answer your question in next month's Festival! Asking a question is totally optional, though, no worries - you can just click "Give me my fortune" if you want! (11DBHK only answers a random handful of questions, please, no drama if yours doesn't get answered)

Give me my fortune!

Or on a personal Festival day:

Rover (no headwrap this time) is staring up at nothing, rolling around and moaning, idly tapping his palms on his table.

"stupid personal Festivals, I could be hitting on-"

Realizing you are staring at him, he catches himself. "Oh. Hey. Oooooooh Fortunes or something."

He doesn't even have the box out.

"Yeah, don't even bother. I'm only here because I have to be. Here, take a Fortune already." He randomly hands you a rolled-up piece of paper..

Give me my fortune!


For whatever silly reason, you lean in and whisper something. Rover grabs the ball and yanks it up into the air (clipping you in the teeth, OW), shouting "Pshoom pshoom! Woooga wooga wooga! THE FUTURE IS REVEALED!"

He coughs, and resets his little display, already looking over your shoulder to the next person. Confused, you ask what your actual fortune was.

One of the following:

"Um, I dunno… You'll have an important meeting or something?"

+20% Ally Find / Level-Up Chance for the day!

"Um, I dunno… okay, I guess?"

You trip over a winning Lottery Ticket!
+11,000 Party House Ryo!

"Um, I dunno… good hair day?"

You get second place in a Beauty Contest!
+20 RP!

"Um, I dunno… horrible?"
In the distance, you hear a horrifying 'unz' noise..
Check your Quests!

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