The Eleven Tails Tasty Snack House

The Eleven Tails Tasty Snack House is a Festival activity where you can get free prizes

In-game Description

Some guy in a ratty Eleven Tails costume stands there dejectedly,

handing out some tasty-looking treats..
(get some Free Stamina!)

handing out some fancy tomato-y Boosters..
(get a free +5 Delivery Booster!)

handing out some fancy shiny Boosters..
(get a free +100% AP/JXP/Rep Booster!) or (get a free Full Spiral Energy Booster!)


Mmm, delicious!

(+50 Stamina!)


(+5 Delivery Booster get!)


(+100% AP/JXP/Rep get!)

If you have Eleven Tails

The Eleven Tails Tasty Snack House

You almost take a bite/sniff the booster, but a familiar scent
sets your teeth on edge -
Ozone.. The sweet scent of Lycoris..
And the black, tarry influence of THE RNG!

You throw yourself back as the costume splits, and bursting
from the discarded shell, eleven stories tall, is the ELEVEN
You narrowly dodge a dark claw, and it snarls!

"You carry my symbol! By ancient law, I have the
right of reprisal! Now, you die!"

(Oh, snap. Go to your Phase Menu!)

After Summoning

The Eleven Tails Tasty Snack House

The stand lies smoldering, a grim reminder of the return of this
reality's incarnation of The RNG..

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