The BillyMaze is a Festival activity where you work your way through the Maze

In-game Description

The BillyMaze is a maze of New and Improved twisty passages (of maize, of course), all alike. Work your way through it, and give up when you've had enough to win Ryo - and if you get to the center and get back out, maybe you'll get something cool! Warning: the BillyMaze is confusing. If you get far enough, the options you choose may be garbled, and you may have to leave a room the same way you entered to continue, and while it seems easy at first, it can get really tiring. You have a few free retries, but then it costs Stamina - Watch out!
(ProTip: Keep track of EVERYTHING. You'll thank me later. -11)
  • Special Notes

You can't change teams once you enter the maze. So make sure you down all your consumables and prepare your Maze team before entering.
You can't loop to get 2+ bloodline effects while in the Maze. It only uses the bloodline that you first entered with.
The maze is randomly generated for everyone and different every month.
You may only attempt the maze once per Festival.

  • Bloodline Bonuses:

WhiteEye: One incorrect direction on the way in is marked!
Legacy: First Area shows the correct way!
Redeye: 3 extra free 'Get It Together's.

  • Ally Bonuses:

Snakeman: Randomly tells you one incorrect direction.

Well, now you know to not go THAT way..

Olmek: Randomly gives you a free 'Get It Together'.

What? Whatever, free move, right?

TACOS: Randomly lets you know when the correct direction is east.

TACOS hops up and down and STARES at you… O_O

Spot: Randomly lets you know the correct direction

Spot is sniffing at the XXXX exit..

(Note: According to McM there is a fifth ally that helps but it is currently not known yet)

The Flash and The RNG autographs 'trigger': The correct direction will be shown. Percentage of RNG autograph is the chance of the bonus activating.

Family Autograph Bonus! A burning feeling comes over you, as if your
ancestors are calling to you, from the XXXX exit..
  • Go wrong direction before reaching the center:
You wander for a while, and don't see anywhere new..
Wow, you got really lost there and tired out. You are
going to have to Get It Together
if you want to keep going..

Also, you are sent back to a random area, from 1 through the area you went the wrong direction from. Writing down the correct direction when you leave an area (and the incorrect ones you have tried for the highest area you have gotten to) can minimize the number of Get It Togethers you will need. (Also make sure to write down which option - 1 through 5 - matches the way you came in from. This will be useful if you make it to the center.)

You start with 3 free Get It Togethers (6 if you are Redeye). The next one after that costs 1 stamina and doubles for each use: 2, 4, 8, 16, and so on. Traveling from area to area does not cost any stamina if you use the correct exit, but after making a wrong turn you can not move again until you use a Get It Together. (The alternative is to give up and take the Ryo for the area you returned to.)

  • Upon reaching the center:
Area 11

You walk into the center of the maze, bedraggled and tired. Just then, you sense a powerful force - the smell of a freshly opened video game, the feeling of a line piece at just the right time - of Awesome. You spin around, and come face to face with a spray nozzle and a bearded, smiling man.

and the world explodes into searing pain.

You drop to the ground, eyes ablaze with the strange spray, and are overwhelmed with an urge to run away! You run back to the last Area you came from, trying to think straight, but the pain.. THE PAIN.. AAAAAAAAAAAAA

(find your way back out!)

  • After reaching the center, while you have not yet the gone the wrong way:

The correct option for each area is the one for the direction you entered the area from. (This should not be confused with the way you left the previous area.) You will start in area 10, and go back 1 area at a time. For instance, if the options for area 10 were "North East Ninja West South" and the description said you entered from the east, then when leaving you would want to select the second option for the first selection.

  • Go wrong direction after reaching the center:
  • Give up on the maze:
You succumb to the madness of the BillyMaze, and awaken on the outside..
You got XXXX Ryo!
  • Win (go the right direction 10 times after reaching the center):
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
But Wait There's More Trophy!
10 Points

You stumble out of the maze! The pain in your eyes subsides, and you look at your hands - in them you have a blue metallic bottle labeled
'OxyBlast - The Kaiju Cleaner!'

Why does it work on you, though?
You got OxyBlast!


  • This might be a reference to a shorts about Billy Mays.
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