The Bargltron

The Bargltron is a Festival activity where you ride The Bargltron for more Appetite.

In-game Description

A rather round, 'ripe' fellow stands at the control panel of a scary-looking ride. As the last load of people gets out and walks past, he looks at you with a lidless, milky eye. "WANT SOME RIDE? 'COURSE YA DO!"

In the distance, you hear horrible noises from the last riders..
(Resets your Appetite/Greass/TACOs for the day,
and BC Members get +300 Stamina!)


  • Resets your Appetite to your daily maximum
  • Resets your Greass consumption for the day to zero

You whirl around and around, up and down…

As you walk away, you think to yourself - that wasn't that bad, really, even at the end when it jBBARARGLGLGLGLL

oh, man, that was bad, at least iBBARGRGLARGLGLGLGLL

Okay, that should dBBAAAAGLRGRGLLL

(your Appetite has been reset / +300 Stamina!)

You whirl around and around, up and down…

..and you balance yourself on a shifting floor, feeling the deck respond beneath your feet, as you look out on a vast sea of stars that feels.. like home..

(your Appetite has been reset / +300 Stamina!
Family Autograph Bonus - +500 Stamina!)


  • The ride operator is based off of Boos Miller (or possibly "Boos Myller"), from the game Return to Zork. His repeated line "Want some rye? 'Course ya do!" is the most memorable thing about the game. (In fact, it's the only memorable thing.)
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