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It's the 11th!
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The Festival is an event which occurs every 11th day in the month (starting 11th November 2009), with lots of bonuses and activities which are only available during this event. The festival begins at midnight Billytime when the 11th day begins and lasts for 24 hours until the next midnight.


In-game Description

Happy 11th! Right on time, the Festival rolls into town! Dozens of rickety wagons, filled to the brim with wonder and delight1! You walk through the Festival grounds, deciding what to do..

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The Deceptively Easy Tsukiball Toss

It's SNAKEMAN! "No, no, it'ss not me, ssee? I have a MUSSTACHE!"

Oh, okay. Anyway. "Come and play! It's ssssso sssssimple! Roll the Tssukiball up the ramp, and into the Bucket, and win a priiizzsse! One prizzsse per player!"

Goto The Deceptively Easy Tsukiball Toss

The Eleven Tails Tasty Snack House

Some guy in a ratty Eleven Tails costume stands there dejectedly, handing out some tasty-looking treats..

Goto The Eleven Tails Tasty Snack House

The Bargltron

A rather round, 'ripe' fellow stands at the control panel of a scary-looking ride. As the last load of people gets out and walks past, he looks at you with a lidless, milky eye. "WANT SOME RIDE? 'COURSE YA DO!"

Goto The Bargltron

Worldwide Dance Party!

The whole Festival is learning a bunch of awesome new dances so they can party hard!

Goto Worldwide Dance Party

The Tunnel of Love

A tunnel has been hastily set up over a river, and a number of really, really small boats are tied up at the entrance. Standing next to them is the Jutsu Training Lady, smirking.

Goto The Tunnel_of Love

The RNG Lucky Roll Challenge

A completely pitch-black shack juts out of the ground, absorbing all light. From within, a single, giant, lidless eye glares at you. As you approach, a sickly limb protrudes from the mass, dropping a number of dice onto a cracked tray, then motions at a sign.

Goto The RNG Lucky Roll Challenge

Terri's Marksman Showdown!

You walk up to a booth, surprisingly run by Terri. Flipping a single Diamond Ryo, she speaks to the crowd.

"Accuracy isn't everything, but for some of you, it will be. It's my job to drill that into your heads, so that when it counts, you don't end up dead. So, today, we practice."

Goto Terri's Marksman Showdown

BillyClub Raffle

A special thanks to the BCers who keep this game alive. You folks rock. I love you all, even the ones that BR that they've lost two GNT levels each, and hey, what's this Reaper Sword doing in their inventory. -_q

Goto BillyClub Raffle

The BillyMaze!

The BillyMaze is a maze of New and Improved twisty passages (of maize, of course), all alike.

Goto The BillyMaze!

Fortune Teller

Goto Fortune Teller

Your Own Festival

The reward for T5 tourneys in Number One include your "Your Own Festival". It is triggered from the village menu and works mostly the same as a normal festival. Notable differences

  • The Terri Marksman has different text, it is a simple coin flip according to the text and awards you with a new tiny bee weapon. Tiny Bee A Salt Rifle
  • The fortune teller has different text
  • The maze works normally, but successfully coming out of it fails to award you the trophy as of 4-25-2016 (bug reported, 11 reply to the bug report was unclear on if it is intended or will be fixed)
  • The snack house always gives you an N1 booster that gives +10 skirmishes and +10 T1 tourneys

Goto Terri's Marksman Showdown (Own Festival)

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