• Completed the Special Delivery Dogfight.


  • +25% Tips: this is cumulative with your other Tips bonuses.
  • Drift Focus: there is a higher chance of Drift Obstacles; you can still get Drive Obstacles.
  • Drive Focus: there is a higher chance of Drive Obstacles; you can still get Drift Obstacles.


Delivery is GO!

Possible Obstacles

Obstacle Locations: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 50

A low wall blocks your path!
Speed Needed: 3 or Faster
Difficulty: 7 _ Successes: 1

If Failed: -20 Durability!

Moles pop out of the ground!
Speed Needed: 2 or Slower
Difficulty: 7 _ Successes: 2

If Failed: -20 Durability!

Possible Penalties

You get hungry, and eat a tiny piece of the pizza..
-2 Deliciousness!
You hit a tiny bump!
-5 Deliciousness!
Weasels nip at the pizza box!
-5 Deliciousness!
A gust of cold air chills your pizza!
-5 Deliciousness!


If you finish with more than 100 Deliciousness, you have a chance to obtain a Ruby Ryo Coin or a Sapphire Ryo Coin:

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