Crazy Hard


  • Complete the Special Delivery The Race.


Delivery is GO!

Possible Obstacles

Possible Locations: 15, 30, 50, 70, 85, 100, 120, 135, 150

  • The first obstacle location is at 15.
  • The distance to the next obstacle location is randomly chosen in the interval 15-20.
Drift through a pack of enemy Rides!
Speed Needed: 6 or Faster
Difficulty: 8 _ Successes: 8

If Failed: -40 Deliciousness!

Drive through an exploding building!
Speed Needed: 8 or Faster
Difficulty: 8 _ Successes: 8

If Failed: -40 Durability!

Take out a gun nest with an aerial 180!
Speed Needed: 3 or Slower
Difficulty: 6 _ Successes: 6
Difficulty: 7 _ Successes: 7

If Failed: -50 Drivetrain!

Possible Penalties

You plow through the stands, and something gets caught in your wheels!
-10 Drivetrain!
You are sideswiped by a ramen delivery truck!
-10 Durability!
The toppings slide around during a tight turn!
-10 Deliciousness!
A jet of boost torches the Pizza!
-20 Deliciousness!


If you finish with more than 100 Deliciousness, you have a chance to obtain a Ruby Ryo Coin, Sapphire Ryo Coin, an Emerald Ryo Coin, a Diamond Ryo Coin, or an Awesomium Ryo Coin:

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