The vast majority of combat in BvS is a matter of dice rolls. The number of dice you get to roll, the number of size the dice have, and the conditions for success are largely determined by your attributes and the nature of the challenge you're engaged in.


Your level determines the number of dice that you get to roll. For example, if you are on a Genjutsu mission, the number of dice you get to roll is equal to your Genjutsu level. So, if you have a 3 as your Genjutsu level, you would get to roll 3 dice. Increasing your level increases the number of chances for success.


Range determines the number of sides to the dice you are rolling. The default range is 10. So if you have no range modifiers on your character, your rolls can be between 1 and 10. If you were to have K-Dog's Headband (+1 range), your dice rolls can be between 1 and 11. Range is not particularly important early on in the game, but once you start reaching higher difficulty objectives, range becomes incredibly important.


Strength is added to whatever roll you got. So, if you were to roll a 4, but you have +2 strength, that 4 would now become a 6. Strength affects all of your rolls in a given round. Thus, if you had a level 10 Taijutsu roll, all 10 of your dice would have +2 added to the final roll. This makes strength incredibly important as a stat once you reach higher difficulty objectives. Strength increases the chance each individual roll will be successful.


Difficulty determines the goal you are trying to reach with an individual roll. If the difficulty is 6, you would need to roll a 6 (or better) to have that roll considered to be a success.


Most skill checks require that you achieve multiple successes. Each roll that scores higher than the given difficulty is considered a success. So, if the difficulty is 6 and you roll an 8, you have received one success. Some allies, jutsu and teams provide a success stat. This means you are getting that number of automatic successes before you even roll. Successes bonuses are extremely good on high difficulty, low success challenges.


You are on a mission which requires Nin 7d2s (that is, 7 difficulty and 2 successes in Ninjutsu. Your Ninjutsu is level 7, but you have +2 strength and +1 range from your allies.

You roll the following:

3 4 11 7 9 4 6

Success! You have received 3 rolls over the difficulty (11, 7, and 9), and so you received 3 successes (1 more than you needed)!

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