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It's finally the last day of October - Candyween! When all good little boy and girl (and robot and dinosaur) Ninjas go out to score some treats, party, and foil the plans of a psycho or two.
(You mush finish Candyween by Dayroll. If you have some alternate way of entering Candyween, note that you cannot enter Candyween more than once every 24 hours.)

Candyween costs 20 RP, but if it is the last day of the month, it is free!
(Current RP: XX)

Your mission is to Get as many Treats and Bonus Items as possible in the Time you are given, then Get to a Party to party the night away and get a bunch of free Stamina and, if you are good, shinies!


Candyween Bash!
Special Action Unlocked!

Characters to Partner Up With

  • Candy Type: Bonus to getting Treats from Candy Houses
    • Power: Ask Robogirl/Billy if this is a Candy House (Cost: 1 Treat)

Robogirl poings up and down, awaiting bags and bags of treats. "C'mon, let's go go GO!"

Billy fiddles with his costume, already wired to the hilt with pre-Candyween candy infusions!

  • Party Type: Free Retest at Party Houses
    • Power: Ask Stalkergirl/Emosuke if this is a Party House (Cost: 1 Treat)

Stalkergirl adjusts her costume, making sure it stays PG. "Can't get the game in trouble, now, can we?"

Emosuke sighs. "Another night, another mournful parade of lost souls.." Whatever.

  • Psycho Type: Free Retest at Psycho Houses
    • Power: Ask Lil' Ro/Lil' Shammy if this is a Psycho House (Cost: 1 Treat)

Lil' Ro smirks. "This will be one slasher flick, like, where the slasher is on the run!"

Lil' Shammy mumbles a checklist to himself. "Don't make out, don't check to see if they are really dead, don't walk backwards because they are always behind you…"


You start off with a time limit of 10. It takes 1 time to visit a house. You must pick a house to go and examine.

  • Visit this House
  • Only available when you have no time left
    • Eat 2 Treats for +1 Time
+1 Time!

* End Candyween (10 Stamina per Treat, x Party Bonus)

You then must decide from the list of actions below what to do for each house.

  • Ask for Candy
  • Start to Party: If this is a party house, then you start the party minigame.
  • Psycho Defense: If this is a psycho house, you start the psycho defense minigame.

Asking for Candy

  • If it's a Candy House:

A really nice person gives you big handfuls of Treats!
You Got 2 Treats!

You get 3 if Robogirl or Billy is your partner:

A really nice person gives you big handfuls of Treats, and
some extra for your jumpy friend!
You Got 3 Treats!

  • If you also have a Psycho Mask :

You spook some other Ninja with your mask and they drop
You Got 1 Treat!

  • If it's a Party House:

You see a rocking party! They look down at you. "Oh, you
want candy, little Ninja? Here." They give you a bit and
close the door..
You Got 1 Treat!

  • If it's a Psycho House:

They give you the wangly eye. "Oh. Just Candy? No Come To Play?" You shake your head. "Oh. Never Mind."
You Got 1 Treat!

Party Minigame!

  • If it's a Candy House:

They stop you at the door! "Sorry, we're just giving out candy." They still give you some, though.
You Got 1 Treat!

  • If it's a Psycho House:

You walk right in. "Goody goody. You want to PLAY." Much, much later, you claw your way out of their creepy psycho basement, barely escaping demise..
-3 Time!

  • If it's a Party House:

"Come on in! It's a party!"

Party Minigame!

Start Minigame>

Excellent Party
Pick an Action, and see where it goes!

  • The effects of actions are random at each party
    • Hit On Somebody
    • Rock Out
    • Mope
    • Tell Funny Stories


  • Next time you're at the BillyCon and buy a Cosplay piece from the dealer's Room, it is free.1

You end up with some bit of cosplay. It is busted, but you can trade it for
a free one at the Con!

You Got 1 Free Cosplay Piece!

  • You get +1x bonus Stamina for each Party Invite you have when you choose to End Candyween.

They invite you to come back and spend the night partying when you are done!

You Got a Party Invite!

You leave early, but with a whole bowl of candy!

You Got +3 Treats!

No one knows you, and no one listens to you. Blah.

You Got Nothing!

Psycho Defense!

  • If it's a Candy House:

You run off, screaming! "Wait, I just wanted to give you some tasty candy!" Oh well..
-1 Time!

  • If it's a Party House:

You run off, screaming! "Is that a new dance? Awesome!" They chase you, screaming! You don't realize it is a party until much later..
-2 Time!

  • If it's a Psycho House:

You take off running, and they give chase! "I WANT TO
PLAY!" They trigger a trapdoor, and you fall into their
creepy basement, but you are ready!

Psycho Minigame!

Start Minigame>

Psycho Battle
Pick an Action, and see where it goes!

  • The effects of actions are random at each party
    • Hide In The Closet
    • Get An Axe
    • Burn the Place Down
    • Scream and Cower


You hightail it out of there, but will get a rush out of telling this story

You Got -100 Stamina today, +200 Stamina tomorrow!

You scare him away and steal his trap candy!

You got +5 Treats!

He locks you in his basement and tortures you with bad karaoke!

You Lost 4 Time!

  • If successful, you receive Psycho Mask, a 'Temporary Permanent Item' that helps bingo tracking.

You beat him to a pulp and take his mask for the night!

You Got Psycho Mask!

House Descriptions

The old, decrepit mansion plays haunting music as you walk up to it.
(Can be only Candy or Party.)
A creepy door has KNOCK FOR CANDY written all over it in some sort of red paint. candyweenl2.jpg
A typical house, with a few cut-out decorations. candyweenl3.jpg
This kind of spooky house has creaky floorboards.. candyweenl4.jpg
The house is brightly lit and COVERED in silly decorations.
(Can be only Candy or Psycho.)

End Candyween

  • You get +10 stamina per Treat

As tonight's creepiness - and tastiness - sets in, You walk back home, treats in tow, nomming away..

You got +XXX Stamina!

  • You get +10 stamina per Treat, multiplied by 1 + the number of Party Invites you got

You and your friend hit the Candyween parties, getting down until the sun comes up!

You got +XXX Stamina!

  • Best Ending:

An excellent Psycho Mask, a Party Invite (or three), and eleven Treats (at least) - what a great night!

As you walk home from the parties, you see one more house on the road - one you've never seen before. The Eleventh House on the Street. Unassuming, but glowing cat eyes stare from the upper windows at you.

As night has not yet ended, you and your friend knock on the door. As it opens, you start to say "Happy Cand-" when a flash of light blinds you!
Whoever answered the door took your picture!

As you reel from the brightness, you barely see them take the photo from their magical camera, drop it in your bag (which now feels a LOT lighter), and slam the door!

You lost all your Treats!

You got:
<Your Chosen Ally> Bromide!
(which you eat right away for +500 Stamina)!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Smile For The Camera Trophy!
10 Points

As the sun rises, the glare shines off of the house's windows, and it vanishes to the sound of the inhabitants Nomming your treats. Om Nom Nom. Whoa.


You can get a different bromide for each ally:

Getting all six bromides unlocks the secret trophy Scrapbook Hero.


  • There are always 3 Party houses, 1 Psycho house, and the rest are treats.
  • Also look through guide and this guide.
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