BvS Channel 5 News

There is a Livejournal Community devoted to Billy vs. SNAKEMAN. The community is a satire site that pretends to be a television station based out of Alt Village.



BvS Channel 5 News was created on January 31, 2008 during the first few days of the first large scale Ninja World War between the Random and Andromeda Alliance. It is considered to be the first piece of fan fiction for the Billy vs. SNAKEMAN game. While news frequently involved events of Ninja World War I, it quite often covered certain game changes

Recent History

BVS News has expanded recently to having additional "programs" including a weekly series, Ronin Boy and another zombie series.

BvS Channel 5 News Crew

Ninjabert West

Ninjabert West is the host of BvS Channel 5 News. He is the only member of the news crew that is always seen broadcasting from within the news station in Alt Village. Ninjabert West had hooked up with The Rack back during Valentine's Day but the status of the two has not been addressed.

Redbelt Lily

Redbelt Lily is the chief field reporter for BvS Channel 5 News. She is often depicted as the most serious of the news crew.


Narutard is the one of two members of the news crew who shares a name with a player. However, the creation in this case was accidental. Narutard is depicted as an eccentric lunatic who worships the RNG Monster. While Narutard has continued to appear in BvS Channel 5 News Posts, he has not played an active part since he locked himself in the fact checking room with the Ninjadogs.


McWriter is the second of two members of the news crew who shares a name with a player. McWriter was originally created as a player to explore younger villages and write up Ninja Geographic reviews of them. Of late, McWriter has been depicted as the academic of the news crew.

Crazy McMikey

Crazy McMikey was a news crew member who lasted only a few news episodes. He was seen as too similar to Narutard and supposedly killed when the Alt Village Science Facility exploded in a news post.

Reoccurring Features

RNG Monster

The RNG Monster is often depicted in BvS Channel 5 News as an epic monster that appears and attacks villages. The RNG Monster has made several appearances on the community and was recently mentioned as having married Narutard.

Ninja Allies

Various ninja allies make guest appearances on the show. They are usually used for discussion of a new game element of Billy vs. SNAKEMAN.

Expanding Content

Ronin Boy

A weekly story set in the Billy vs. SNAKEMAN world has been posting every Friday. The story focuses around a single, mysterious Ronin as he journeys on his own person quest. The series is written by BVS News founder, jkeezer.

Cooking with Ninja Dogs

This is the first feature run on BVS News that is written by someone other than jkeezer. The episode hints that the name of the feature is likely going to change with episode 2.

Other Stuff

BVS News:

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