Boosters are an item sold to players through karma, as a way to gain an in-game edge for helping to support the game. They are offered at a 10% discount to full (not lite) BillyClub members.

Boosters have a few special rules and limitations attached, designed to avoid giving financially-advantaged players an advantage in PvP elements of the game:

  • Used in your Main Menu, lasts until Dayroll
  • 1 Booster Use per day max
  • When you use a Stamina Booster, you may no longer Attack/Spy on another Village, Hard Bingo, or Attack a Non-Phased Kaiju for the rest of the day
  • On a day that you use a Booster, you will not be counted towards Top Rankings that night
  • Restats do not count towards once-per-Season limits, nor do they 'count as your one-per-Season' when you use them

Most boosters are purchased and used once - however, you can purchase a booster on one day, then use it far later (as long as your account isn't deleted due to inactivity or banning).
Boosters purchased with Karma may also be gifted to other characters. It is not Alt Abuse if boosters are given from a main to an alt (or vice versa), provided they were purchased with Karma.


Bonus Provided Karma Cost (Full Membership) Karma Cost (Lite Membership/non-member)
+150 Stamina 18 20
+450 Stamina 45 50
+50 Pet Points (enough for a new Pet) 54 60
Free BillyCon Entry 27 30
Free Awesome restat 135 150
Full Set of Referral Bonuses 270 300
One Year Character Save1 135 150
Character Name Change 180 200

The stamina boosters, including a unique 300-Stamina variant, as well as a unique Booster for increasing the rate of AP/JXP/Arena Rep gain are offered in 3-packs. Only one Booster out of the pack may be used each day, but the uses do not have to be on consecutive days, and spares do not expire (again, unless your account is deleted due to inactivity or banning).

3-Use Boosters

Bonus Provided Karma Cost (Full Membership) Karma Cost (Lite Membership/non-member)
+150 Stamina 36 40
+300 Stamina 63 70
+450 Stamina 90 100
+100% AP/JXP/Rep 72 80
+50 Pet Points (enough for three new pets) 108 120
+300 Electrum Pachinko Balls 72 80
+5 Deliveries for the day 54 60
+5 Mahjong Games for the day 54 60
+5 Glowslinging Duels for the day 54 60
+10 SUPERFAIL Games 45 50
+5 Flower Wars Games for the day 45 50
+10 BillyCon Flow 72 80
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