To start a Bingo Attempt, you have to click on the Go to Bingo Book from your Village Menu and you will see a list of all villages your village has a spy in. One you select a village, it will bring up a list of players followed by their Levels.

Once you click on a target and hit track, the fun begins. Tracking randomly chooses between the Gen, Nin or Tai stats. The difficulty is not completely known but it appears to be related to your Gen,Nin, or TI level compared to the opponent's.

Now after we pass the tracking check, the fight begins. You start out with HP, which is equal to your Level but there are modifiers to change it. The same goes with your target.

The fight is like an Opposed Ability Test, except each success causes damage on the opponent. Each round the difficulty of your checks is increased by 1.

Whoever gets their HP down to 0 first loses. If both players get down to 0 HP or below in the same round, the attacker wins.

Bingo Types

  • Normal Bingo: Bingo target for 1 hour, regardless of their bonuses
  • Bingo them into the ground!1: This will bingo them for the maximum time allowed, 1 hour per level. Doing this awards you no Style Points.
  • Write their name on a Note Page2: AUTO KILL - You can only do this on the first round - after that, you won't have time! Can be used with or without Hard Bingo.
  • Self Bingo: Fail a Bingo, hit by Creepy Traps or use This Hand of Mine. Bingoed for 48 hours, regardless of your bonuses, except for failing a tracking which bingo's for 15 minutes.

Bingo Modifiers

Village Upgrades

Permanent Items

  • Bingo Armor (1 HP) - Cannot take more than 40 Damage from a Bingo Attack
  • Bingo Limiter - Do Half Damage when you attempt to Bingo someone
  • Dartboard - +3 Levels during Bingos
  • Destiny Fulfilled - Chakra Costs Tripled against you during bingos. (during Full Moon)
  • Hacksaw - +5 Range during Bingos and Tracking
  • Loyal Sacrifice - You are not bingo'd if you fail a bingo attempt. (during Full Moon)
  • Perimeter Barrier (2 HP) - Teammates do not help either side during a single Bingo Attempt (Defence Only)
  • Makeshift Pistol / Average Pistol / Wasteland Pistol - +2/3/4 Levels on Bingos
  • Red Water - -10 Hours to Bingo Timer when Bingo'd by an attacking Ninja
  • Risky Badge - Sometimes do double damage on Bingos.
  • The Note - Gives the Note Rush(+20% XP/AP/Ranking/Ryo for the day on regular missions!) on a successful Bingo
  • The Tote - If you Bingo a Leader with a Note Page, you have +10 Range to Attack that Village
  • Z-Virus - While Bingo'ing, 50% chance to take no damage during Round 1


  • Anonymous - Deals 5 extra damage when you're being bingo'd
  • Anonymous Lvl. 2 - Deals 10 extra damage per round when being bingo'd
  • Blind Fury - Bingo opponents lose 150 Chakra per round
  • Bones / Bones Lvl. 2 - Villages do not provide HP in Bingos = Negates all Village upgrade that Provide Hp Bonuses during Bingo'ing
  • Cipher - Cancels Unbingoable Teams
  • Doughman / Doughman Lvl. 2 - Triple Damage to Ninja with HP-giving Bingo Themes
  • Euthanasia - +10 Bingo Damage
  • Haus - +3 Difficulty to being Tracked!
  • LisaLisa / LisaLisa Lvl. 2 - Double ally bonus damage during Bingos
  • Mister Tea Lvl. 3 - Always show as Bingo'd to The Trade
  • Right - Deals 5 extra damage when you're bingo'ing someone
  • Right Lvl. 2 - Deals 10 extra damage per round when bingo'ing
  • Smiley - Your Village protects you twice as much during Bingos
  • The Twins - -8 Difficulty Range to Track during Bingo Attempts
  • The Twins Lvl. 2 - -4 Difficulty to Track during Bingo Attempts





The Trade

  • The Trade can see the attribute and difficulty during a Bingo Battle.
  • Each level of The Trade4 gives +10 Stamina after Bingoes (except for Hard Bingos, they remove the stamina bonus completely)

Style Points

You get 5 Style points + 2 Style points per level difference higher than your level

You need 200 style points to get Hyuk, who is required for getting The Trade. The easiest way is using Epic Dog Urination Technique to get +755 Style Points per Bingo.

You do not get ANY Style Points if you do a Hard Bingo.

Half Style

These things will give you only half of your Style Points

  • If you bingo someone who is currently bingo'd, it would not be considered as a successful bingo.
  • If you bingo a Season 1 Genin

Success Messages

They corner you, and gloat over their victory - just as your trap activates, and knocks them into a bottomless fissure!

You reverse their Jutsu just as they activate it, and they explode!

You see an opening, plunge a kunai into their heart, and they stumble backwards off a cliff!

The Cure

Note Immunity

  • Tools of the Trade grants those who have done The Trade to become immune against Note Bingoes for the cost of 100 Ryo per Level for 48 Hours
  • The theme My Name Is grants Note Bingo immunity as long as it is active

Bingo Cooldown

When you unbingo yourself, you enter a cooldown state and can't attack villages for 4 hours.

Also when you heal yourself, a message is sent to the person who bingo'd you noting that you healed yourself, you must allow it to wear off for no message to be sent.


There are 3 allies you can gain from bingos.

Hyuk - Obtain 200 Style Points

A creepy character floats down from the sky, and starts to follow you around, laughing quietly.. "A-hyuk, a-hyuk, a-hyuk"..
Hyuk has joined you!

Right - Note Page bingo someone while you have The Trade lvl 1. and Hyuk on your team

A darkly-driven bishounen walks up to the scene as you write down the name. "Where have you been, Hyuk, we hav- oh. Hello there. Looks like I have a new ally with the same 'ideals' as I do.."
Right has joined you!

Good Boy lvl 2 - Use Coup De Grace 5 times during the course of 5 bingo attempts with Good Boy in your team.

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