Wandering past the Billy TV Studios, you see a gaggle of fans squeeing around an open door - are they doing auditions? Meanwhile, a shady alley partially hides a few shifty-eyed fans brewing up something creepy..

Walk into the Studio >
Check out the competition for a spot on BillyTV!
Stand Outside >
Hang around to get an autograph!


In Game Description

Larry points to and fro, yelling through a script rolled up into a makeshift megaphone. "Do you think these things make themselves? We need to get this next one out NOW, before the Deadline! You, you, and you! YOU'RE FIRED! GET OUT!"

He spins around. "Hey, you! YES, YOU! Can you read a script? Well come on, then, let's go! Lights, Camera, Action!"

You have XXX points' worth of Acting Ability to buy (based on your Awesome, all trophies count positive). After purchasing Acting Ability, you may spend it to attempt to defeat Challenges. Each challenge has a Target and a Max Ability Count - you cannot use more than that number of Abilities. Any abilities you use are lost, whether or not you succeed.

Beat a Challenge, and you get the Reward associated with it. Beat all the Challenges, and you get to participate in the Grand Finale with all your remaining ability. The person with the highest Finale score for each role at the Deadline (Wednesday at 10PM Billytime) becomes one of The Eleven and can sign autographs for people, remaining that way that until the positions come up for recasting next week.

Since you are New to the Acting World (0-10 Roles won),
you and those in your Tier will be trying out to be an Understudy. The best Understudy for each role gets the same prizes that the main Actor or Actress gets, they just don't get to sign autographs. No worries, though: if you have the best score, you will get the Full Role as well!

Since you are Part of the Acting World (11-20 Roles won),
you and those in your Tier will be trying out to be an Alternate. The best Alternate for each role gets the same prizes that the main Actor or Actress gets, they just don't get to sign autographs. No worries, though: if you have the best score, you will get the Full Role as well!

Since you are A Star in the Acting World (21+ Roles won),
you and those in your Tier will be trying out for the Full Role, autographs and all!


Tiers are based on how many The Eleven you own, which is also the number of roles you have won. The current high scores displayed are only of those in your tier rather than those of all tiers. For Tiers 1 and 2, if you have both the highest score for your tier and, the highest overall score, you will win 2 roles(Understudy/Alternate and Leading Role) and thus 2 The Eleven.

Number of The Eleven Tier Special
0-10 Understudy
11-20 Alternate
21+ A Star
Already won Role N/A -100 to your final score(Old and Busted)

Old and Busted is for players attempting to win a character role they have previously won, regardless of their tier, and gives -100 to the finale total.

Casting Roles

  • The Protagonist - hey, that's you!
  • The Narrator - the mysterious figure that guides you through Looping
  • Timmy - the little kid with a big problem
  • Mister Tea - the mastermind behind a dark plot
  • The Flash - the Ninjas' final chance for survival
  • The RNG - she, the ultimate weapon
  • Cici - a girl torn by unrequited love and dark technology
  • K-Dog - your guidepost to learning what you need to do
  • MC Stripeypants - the last protector of an ancient secret
  • Flipper - your guardian and silent watcher
  • Terri - a stoic soldier in an endless war

Acting Abilities

As mentioned above, you can buy as many levels in acting abilities as you have Awesome. While all abilities start with no strength and range, some challenges can improve the abilities. Also note that the inital range of an ability and the price is the same. You can also reset the skills up to two times, at the cost of losing all progress in the Challenges.
Name Initial Range/Price
Atmosphere 4
Diction 6
Precision 8
Calmness 10
Focus 12
Style 20
Rhythm 30
Timing 100


The names, targets, and max abilities usable change from week to week. This is how it was when it was first introduced. In any given week, all of these names and rewards are present, but not necessarily in this order.
Name Target Max Abilities Usable Reward
Monologue 30 5 +1 Diction Strength
Partyhouse Rage 25 4 +1 Ability max per challenge
Paperwork Montage 10 3 +11% chance to get back lowest Ability used in attempt
Eating TACOs 45 15 +1 Diction Range
Hating on Fighto 30 2 One additional Attempt of your most powerful type in Finale
Reading Wordy Instructions 20 4 +1 Style Attempt on Style roll of 19 or 20
Creating Quickteams 35 8 +10 per die rolled on Finale
Zombja Sweeping 70 10 1 Atmosphere Range
Marketplace Manipulating 35 3 +1 Precision Strength
Acting in BillyLive 40 3 +1 Precision Range
Beating up Worldkaiju 11 5 +1 Calmness Strength

Grand Finale

If you beat all the challenges, you may roll all remaining dice in one last "challenge", attempting to score as high as you can.

Attempting: Finale
This is it! Roll it all to get a shot at the job!
Attempt Finale >


Balancing endurance and power is the name of the game here. On the one hand, some challenges limit the number of dice you can apply. On the other, you want enough dice to beat all the challenges - succeed or fail, after each attempt those dice are gone - and have a good number of dice remaining for the Grand Finale (especially with that +10 per die).

Note that you can use more than 1 die of a type for a given challenge. For instance, in the above list, Beating up Worldkaiju, you'll want to use multiple small dice for. Hating on Fighto and Acting in BillyLive, you'll want to use only powerful dice - and you'll want to take them on after Partyhouse Rage. (Generally, whatever the +1 ability challenge is, should be the first one you attempt, since it lets you use less powerful - and thus more efficient and less risky - dice to get the same average for the rest.)

Obviously, this is tilted toward the high-Awesome players; unless you have at least 1000 Awesome, you might want to skip this. Even for them, it can be difficult simply to pass all the challenges, let alone score well in the Grand Finale.


In Game Description

Get an Autograph!

You may try for someone else's autograph - maybe they will call you up and sign it personally, maybe you'll get it as they pick random people out of the crowd! Every day, 5 people are picked at random for each actor (it doesn't matter when you got in line)- in addition, the person giving the autograph can call you up personally, adding a message and increasing the autograph's power!

  • Autographs decay at the rate of 10% a week, to a minimum of 10% base power before bonuses.
  • This decay occurs on the day you got the autograph.
  • If there is a Daily Fail bonus / penalty to a specific autograph, the autographs page in BillyTV stays the same (it's not counted for Biggest Fan) but the affected percentage will be shown where the autograph activates (eg Shop for MC Stripeypants)
  • When you get a new autograph its starting power is: 100% if you are one of the 5 random picks, 80% if you used Creepy Mementos, and 100% if it was manually signed by the player currently holding the title.
  • If you are one of the 5 random people picked automatically by the game for an autograph then they still come with a "+10% bonus to you only" that is removed if the autograph is traded away.
  • If you have multiple autographs for the same role they are not added up, only the best bonus is used. This effectively makes autographs power a temporary thing (except for the last 10%+10%) similar to a consumable item. The only ways to get to 100% is via booster (decays again) or burning (1 day only). However, playing a role gives you are permanent 100% base autograph power bonus that never decays and doesn't require an autograph.
  • Burning an autograph is done by sending it back to the player that made it. The autograph becomes max power for a day, then is lost at Dayroll. The player who made the autograph will get a message. This counts for Biggest Fan.

Autograph Burnt! X burned the Autograph you made to X!

Autograph Powers (when at 100%):
Role Power
The Protagonist 20% Bonus to all other Autograph Bonuses (may exceed 100%)
The Narrator -1 Level to Loop
Timmy 11% to auto-use Can of Whoopass on Missions
Mister Tea 25% chance to bypass Bingo Armor on attack
The Flash No Effect*
The RNG No Effect*
Cici 50% chance for Greass to not increase on consume
K-Dog 50% chance to skip paying Quest Stamina
MC Stripeypants 20% off Appraisal costs
Flipper 5 Crank Levels without added difficulty
Terri 100% chance to pay minimum Stamina on Kaiju fight
*yeah, right1


  • If you win the role, you receive that role's autograph effect at 100% as a permanent bonus even after you leave the role.
  • The Protagonist gives 20% of its power rather than 20% of the other autograph's power. So for example, if you have a Cici autograph at 20% power, the Protagonist at 100% will raise the Cici autograph to 40%, not to 24%
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