Video Game Tournament


In Main Event Video Game Tournament

The tournament is 4 rounds. You and your opponents - a total of 16 players - will use your elite gaming skillz to defeat each other in the popular fighting game *** (it changes all the time). Your Base Attack against anyone is a roll from 1-6. You get another roll added to it for each point of Skillz you spend on that round. However, you must choose in advance how much Skillz you spend each round, so check out your opponents first! Results are posted after Dayroll. The link is currently at the bottom of the Billycon page on Sunday, so be sure to check before you leave the con, or you could miss out on your rewards!


If you didn't register for the tournament, you may still go and watch.

You didn't Pre-Reg, but you can still watch!

Watch the Tourney >

You sit in a room packed to the gills with spectators, watching the best be the best!
+2 Sleep, +2 Stink, +1 Cool, +80 Videogaming XP!


You can get skills if you meet the following conditions. The list might not be complete.

Condition Bonus
Cool > 1 +1 Skillz
Cool > 4 +1 Skillz
Cool > 10 +2 Skillz
Sleep > 3 +1 Skillz
Sleep > 6 +1 Skillz
Videogaming Skill +2 Skillz
Videogaming Skill > 1 +1 Skillz
Videogaming Skill > 2 +2 Skillz
Videogaming Skill > 4 +2 Skillz
Cheese +1 Skillz


Cheese can be found during wanders. You can't find cheese if you wander with the flow. The amount of cheese you can have is capped. After too big a difference in cheese, you take negative strength equal to the difference in cheese. If you tie in a round and you have more cheese than your opponent, you automatically lose the round (otherwise, you have an equal chance of winning the tiebreaker).


Depending on the Round you get to, you receive the following rewards:

Round Reward
1 +10 Videogaming XP
2 +20 Videogaming XP
3 +2 Cool
+50 Videogaming XP
4 +5 Cool
+10 Monies
+100 Videogaming XP
Winner +10 Cool
+30 Monies
+200 Videogame XP

If you win, you also get a trophy:

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
The Beast Trophy!
20 Points

Prime Target

Prime Target is a permanent effect that you can get for winning a second tourney (winning a tourney while you already have The Beast trophy) or for participating in many tourneys, amount of which is currently unknown.

Prime Target gives you a bonus in the Rave and opens up new wanders that give exclusive xp.

Winning second tourney:

A number of competitors give you the woggly eye - you had better watch out!
You got Prime Target!

For being in many tourneys:

A number of competitors give you the woggly eye for being at so many tourneys - you had better watch out!
You got Prime Target!

Note (Repeated for emphasis)

You will not gain the rewards from a tourney if you do not press the reward collection option at the bottom of the BillyCon page on day 3. This may cause you to lose XP, Monies and even the trophy or permanent effect. This should be the first thing you do when you begin your third day.

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