As you walk out of the panel, you see a countless mob of shining, demon eyes! With a high pitched wail, > the Squee raise their Pocky-stained claws as one to glomp you!
Avoid the Squee! >

Show Rules >

You are currently hiding from The Squee, avoiding the dreaded Glomp. You must do so for a number of turns based on the length of the Panel you were just at. Being Glomped gives you
-1 Strength for each Glomp for the rest of the day, as well as various small bonuses and penalties for going back to your room while still Glomped. >_>
You have three choices. After you choose an action, the Squee Hunt, for 2d25 points (1-to-25 + 1-to-25). If it is at 100 at the end of the turn, you are Glomped. After this Hunt, Your Action takes place:
Dig In (-1d10 Hunt),
Go Undercover: End the Hunt without Glomping. You may not use Strut for the rest of the day. Or, you can
Make a Break For It - You pick between two places to rush for. One is already stalked by the Squee, and you will be Glomped instantly. The other one is safe - The Squee get one more chance to Hunt you, and if they fail, the Hunt counter is lowered to their most recent attempt, and their Hunts become fiercer (die raised by 5).
Every Turn you survive, you get XP in one of three Cosplay Discipline Skills - more and more after each turn. Survive until the end, and your XP gain doubles! If Glomped, however, you get nothing.

Start Hunt >

NOTE:: When making a break for it, the squee rolls first. This means that if you're currently at 90/100 and decide to make a break for it, the squee will roll first and if it rolls that 10 then you will be glomped even if you picked correctly. Total roll can be negative if you dig deep enough.

The panel length influences the number of turns in the mini-game and the XP Rewarded.

Panel Length Turns Victory XP
1 4 30
2 6 100
3 8 210
4 10 360

The Squee Attack!

Make a Break For:

Wrong choiсe:

You burst from your hiding place, running breakneck for a chair…
And into the waiting arms of The Squee!

They latch on, draining you of your life force..
You have been Glomped!

Right choiсe, but bad rolls (if total roll 100+ then Making a Break For does not work; you should use it before the hunt total gets too high):

Hunt Attempt: 6 + 14
Total: 103
You burst from your hiding place, running breakneck for the fake trees…
and The Squee run you down!

They latch on, draining you of your life force..
You have been Glomped!

Right choice and good rolls:

Hunt Attempt: 13 + 24
Total: 96
You burst from your hiding place, running breakneck for the open…
And get there safely!

New Total: 37

Successful Escape!
You hold your breath as they sniff near you, but suddenly a keen of one of their kind sounds in the distance! As one, they jolt towards the cry, and you are safe!
Your got X Crossplay(or The Angles, or Glomping) XP!

While being Glomped overnight

The Squee talk to you all night - tiring, but your friends think you are
cool, and they do have that Pocky.. -2 Sleep +1 Cool +1 Nom!


While being Glomped overnight with Con Hotel AND Own Room

Sure, the Glomp keeps you from enjoying the con, but having the Squee over does have its privileges.. +1 Cool +2 Sleep!

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