Introductory text

Music pounds from a large, darkened arena, and the room is packed with an undulating mass of dancing Ninja - and being Ninja, they know what they are doing…

Welcome to the Rave! There's a number of things to do here - from Glowslinging duels to finding love, but to do that, you'll have to get noticed - and the way to do that is to get your groove on!

Choose an Event! Only Dance starts unlocked, but others will unlock as you get better at the Rave!

Rave Event Choices

Train - Get extra Duels today thanks to your MikuFriend!

You and your unlikely friend train to the music..

+2 +3 or +4 Glowslinging Duels today!

Train is unlocked once you have Fateful Encounter.

Dance - Party on!

(impress the crowds with your excellent moves! As you fill your Excellence Meter with dancing - which costs Sleep - you'll unlock bonuses, shinies, and other things to do!)

A Dance costs 1 sleep, and grants Excellence:

  • You start with Excellence equal to your current Cool. You then roll 1 die (with 10 range base) for each level in the relevant skill, and get excellence equal to your rolls. Then an extra + 5 is added to the sum for each die that beats the Elite Bonus Difficulty. Then this total is doubled if your skill level meets or exceeds the Mastery Bonus (which is currently always 4).
  • You get free Dances equal to your Flipping Out level.


  • Case of Glowsticks: +3 Range
  • Rising Star: +10 Range
  • The Light Fantastic: +2 Levels (do not count to qualifying for Mastery)
  • Full Cosplay: +5 Excellence per dance
  • Prime Target: Mastery Bonus becomes triple instead of double
  • Mastery Bonus doubles (or triples) everything (including Full Cosplay and Light Fantastic).

The dances are in the order they appear in this table. After the last dance in the list it goes back to the first. Your first dance starts at a random position.

Name Skill Elite Bonus Mastery Bonus
Pony Parade Artsiness Diff 3 4
Invisible Lasso Wrangling Diff 6 4
Euro Disco Posing Diff 5 4
Hit In America Rocking Diff 3 4
Go Ninja Go Silence Diff 5 4
Super Dance Dance Diff 7 4
Emo Lawnmower Drama Diff 8 4
C-C-Combo Breaker Videogaming Diff 6 4
Running Man Macking Diff 6 4
Reverse Shopping Cart Chillaxing Diff 5 4

Excellence Meter

Rating Range Reward upon exiting
MEH <=199 +50 Dance XP
KEEN 200-399 +2 Cool, +100 Dance XP
WICKED 400-799 +3 Cool, +100 Flipping Out XP
EXCELLENT 800-1599 +4 Cool, +200 Dance/Flipping Out/Posing XP, Rising Star
Must have Rising Star and Prime Target to advance beyond this point
LEGENDARY 1600-4999 +4 Cool, Glowslinger
Must have Glowslinger to advance beyond this point
AWESOME 5000+ +5 cool, Fateful Meeting, Rave Master Trophy

Text upon exit

Whenever you quit:

You finish dancing, and stagger out of the Rave. That was certainly a lot of fun - and who knows, maybe you turned a head or two!

Upon receiving Rising Star:

A crowd watches you go - in awe of your mad skills. Word spreads like wildfire, and you know that everyone will be waiting to see you next time..
You got Rising Star!

Upon receiving Glowslinger:

A crowd watches you go - in awe of your mad skills. As you leave, however, a few sunglassed, similar-looking individuals nod at each other, and follow you out, twirling glowsticks..
You got Glowslinger!

Upon receiving Fateful Meeting:

The crowd parts, and a MikuMiku offers you their hand. You dance the night away, forgetting about the glares of the glowslingers, or the impending doom you two will soon face..
You got Fateful Meeting!

Dance Calculator

You can use this calculator or if you want a copy for yourself you can get one from here.

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