Dealer's Room

Data collecting

  • The cosplay parts change their value each week. Maintaining the table here is too much work. This is why this Greasemonkey script has been written.
  • This script submits the data of the Cosplay parts you have when you go to see your Con Stats. It also submits what deals you get in the Dealer Room.
  • You can view the data collected at this links:


  • Low Knowledge: Knowledge Level < 3
  • ⑨: From Baka Badge
  • The Beast: Win the Video-Game Tournament
  • Day 1/2/3


Cost for visiting Dealer's Room is 1 Nom and 1 Hour. You do not lose Sleep/ gain Stink.
A check of your Shopping Skill is rolled to find the number of deals. Total number of rolls = 1 + Shopping level. Range=10. Difficulty=3.
2 Shopping XP is gained per deal found.
In addition, you gain Shopping XP equal to 10 times the amount of Monies spent.
Stuffs are permanent possibilities for Billy Con(equip them at starting of Con). Stats / XP bonuses are immediate, and the Things are consumed. Items are added to your inventory (as usual ally drops, scratchy win, etc.).

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