You stare out at the audience, ready to do your thing - where a few seconds of prancing and dialogue can either win you big prizes, or make you the laughingstock of the entire con.

In the cosplay, you are pitted against 15 other congoers to attempt to win Monies and shineys! You do so by putting a costume together from whatever Cosplay parts you have. Each piece gives a bonus, and if all three pieces are from the same Cosplay, you get an additional bonus! However, there's one important danger - the most popular of each piece - and the most popular combo - lose their bonus.

So, if you use the headpiece that most people used, none of the people that used that piece will get a bonus. In addition, the most used Combo gets no bonus either. Watch out!

Skill Bonuses

  • 2 x Cosplay
  • 2 x Posing
  • 1 x Drama
  • 1 x unused Combat Sewing retests

Each Combat Sewing level gives you one retest. You can use it to roll again. Your last roll is remembered.


If you participate you get 50 Cosplay XP.
Placing high enough grants you Monies:

  • 3rd Place: 5 Monies
  • 2nd Place: 10 Monies
  • 1st Place: 10 Monies

If you win you also get the Best in Show Trophy

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Best In Show Trophy!
20 Points

If you win a second Cosplay (win while having the Best in Show Trophy) or participate in an undetermined amount of tourneys, you earn the permanent effect Master of Disguise.

You've become so known for entering the Cosplay, without one you are completely anonymous!
You got Master Of Disguise!

Alternatively, if you didn't pre-reg (or don't feel like entering), don't get on stage, just sit back and enjoy the cosplay!
Enjoy Cosplay: (+2 Sleep, +1 Cool, +50 Cosplay XP)

Note (Repeated for emphasis)

You will not gain the rewards from a cosplay if you do not press the reward collection option at the bottom of the BillyCon page on day 3. This may cause you to lose XP, Monies and even the trophy or permanent effect. This should be the first thing you do when you begin your third day.

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