Billy Idol

You file into a big auditorium, and wait for the show to start. Soon enough, the light dims, and cheers and glowsticks rise as the MikuMiku Douga appear in a flash of energy! Dressed in technological-looking, near identical clothing, differentiated only by hue, they march as one to center stage! Cheering, happy waving, and idols and fans jumping around fill the hall, as the leader of them, a skinny girl with long green hair, struts forward, grabs her microphone, and raises her hand for silence, and begins to sing…
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You snap out of your reverie, and everyone else groggily applauds, so you join in.

You feel pretty relaxed, and everyone seemed to enjoy it, as the MikuMiku bow and leave the stage. Something is missing, though you can't determine exactly what..

+6 Sleep! +1 Cool!

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