In-game Description

Register for BillyCon!

BillyCon is a Three Day Event that spans the whole of the Billy Universe (no one knows who actually named the con, and Billy doesn't get the reference, so it's cool). Ninjas from all over the world come to the convention to relax, buy shinies, watch shows, and hang out.

Conventions are once a week, from Friday to Sunday (Dayroll based, not BillyTime based).

Entering the con costs 50 RP - however,
once every month you get in for free!

To regain a free pass

The Mission Lady, in her tiny, tiny Tiny Bee costume leans over to you. "Hey, you know, maybe I can make a few records disappear, if you know what I mean.."
Current Ryo: XXXXXX

Pay 5,000,000 Ryo to regain free Monthly pass >

Welcome to BillyCon!

Inside the Con

Welcome to BillyCon!
You step out of the Ninja Shuttle and look around at the spectacle, of hundreds - thousands - of Ninjas going to a convention celebrating being Ninjas. Weird. Well, it's a vacation, right? Let's get going!

BillyCon is a three-day event where the Billy world 'takes the weekend off'. The object is to do Awesome Things and maybe rack up a few shinies on the way. You can do everything from shop, hang out, cosplay, beat on people in videogames, even hook up at a dance! The days go by an hour at a time, including an additional Late-Night Activity on the first two days. At the end of the day, just wait for Dayroll and come back. More detail below!

Con Stats

Sleep - you need this to keep going. hitting 0 causes you to pass out, missing events until you rest.1
Nom - you need this, too. Every panel hour that passes generally costs you 1 Nom. if your Nom hits 0, you cannot use skills. If it gets too far in the negatives, you can have your sleep removed due to massive hunger.2
Stink - Stink is bad. Stink accumulates from time passing and from exerting yourself. Positive Stink can bar you from certain events. Stink can go negative.3
Monies - this is used to buy things, from Noms to Stuffs.
Cool - this is the overall respect that the convention as a whole has for you.
Stuffs: If you do not have a room in the con, you have to drop off things you buy in the Dealer's Room. Whenever you buy something at the Dealer's Room, you become Stuffsed, which will be cleared when you next go to your room (to crash or shower, for example). Every Stuffsed is a -1 to all rolls.
Effects: Temporary bonuses and penalties that go away after each con. Some are Permanent, but that's rare.
Things: Temporary consumables, that go away after each con.
Flow: Flow is the ease that a convention-goer can slip in and out of situations - saying the right thing at the right time, being in the right place when it counts, and so on - a subconcious use of Awesome. Flow gives you bonuses, and makes things take less time, in most areas of the con. It only resets when you first enter a con each week.

Other Con Stuff

How Panels Work: Panels have a basic dificulty, Bonuses, and Penalties. You start with 1 die. Each bonus you meet gives you +1 die, each penalty increases the difficulty by 2.

Wandering: Wandering choose from a number of random encounters. which ones in the 'mix' is determined by various things, which will be shown while Wandering. Wandering costs 1 Sleep and 1 Nom, and takes 1 Hour - if something keeps the hour from being used, the Nom is saved.

What you Keep between Cons: Stuffs. Permanent Effects (they are marked). Skills. That's it.

Initial Con Stats

Sleep: 5
Nom: 3
Stink: -2
Monies: 30
Cool: 0
Status: Hotels
Flow: 5
3 Extra Clothes (Size: 2) (-4 Stink per use 1/day max)
3 Extra Noms (Size: 2) (+4 Nom per use)

Con Setup

If you register on the Wednesday before the con, you get +2 Monies and +1 Packing. If you register on the Thursday before the con, you get +2 Monies. Registering during the con (on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) gives you no bonus. Registration is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Convention Room

Away Game - Stay a short drive away (-6 Monies, +10 Sleep/-6 Stink/+4 Food overnight)
Con Hotel - Stay in the Convention hotel! (-10 Monies, +9 Sleep/-9 Stink overnight, +1 to all Room Actions, 1 free Wander per day, No Stuffsed Penalties)


Sardines - Stay with LOTS of friends! (-2 Monies, +2 Cool, +2 Stink overnight)
Own Room - Stay on your own! (-8 Monies, +3 Sleep overnight, +2 Packing)

Waiting in Line

Suck It Up - Wait in line like a normal Ninja. (get there at Noon)
Jump the Line - pretend to be friends with someone! (get there at Noon, 2 Time To Wander(60% chance) or -4 Cool(40%))
Jump the Line - flash that Backstage Pass!4 (get there at Noon, +2 Cool, 2 Time To Wander)


You may bring up to X5 Spaces' worth of Stuffs with you. You may bring multiple of each Stuffs. Note that Stuffs may give you one-use items during the Con - using those Things does *not* use up your actual Stuffs.
(PROTIP: there is no need to 'leave space' for buying things there. Everyone knows you always have enough room to drag crap home!)

Cosplay is different - each item of Cosplay costs 1 Space, no duplicates. Check the ones you want to bring.
Bringing multiple cosplays can have an advantage, as certain Cosplays are considered 'the New Hotness' by Saturday, and get a +1 die bonus per part and combo!

Ready to Go!

Text for Suck It Up:

You enter the con, ready for anything! You wait in line for what seems like an eternity to get your badge (handed to you by the Crazy Mission Lady in a bee suit, no less) and walk into the main lobby!

Text for Jump The Line(Success):

You enter the con, ready for anything! You slip in with another Ninja who is part of a big group!

Text for Jump The Line(Fail):

You enter the con, ready for anything! You jump the line, but the Crazy Mission Lady (in a bee suit, no less) beats you soundly for what seems like an eternity before dumping you in the main lobby!

Text for Jump The Line(With Backstage Pass):

You enter the con, ready for anything! You flash your Badge and walk right in!


Action When Time Cost Brief Description Flow Effect
Normal Events Varies Varies Varies Develop your con skills, and put them to the test. +1 Bonus Roll
Strut your Stuff In Normal Events Instant None +1 Strength/Range in Normal Events, May call The Squee N/A
Dealer's Room 'Event' Varies 1 Hour -1 Nom Gives 0-5 deals based on Shopping Roll outcome. +1 Shopping Roll
Purchase After Dealer's Room Instant Gives 'Stuffsed'6 Spend your Monies on Stuffs, Things, Bonuses and Items. N/A
Wander Any Time 1 Hour -1 Sleep, -1 Nom Explore the con. Triggers a random 'Wander Encounter'. No Time or Nom used.
Main Events
Pre-Registration Day 1, 2PM 1 Hour None Register for the Video Game and Cosplay competitions. N/A
Video Game Tournament Day 2, 1PM 4 Hours None Use your Skillz to beat other Players. N/A
Cosplay Day 2, 5PM 2 Hours None Use your Cosplay to beat other Players. N/A
Billy Idol Day 2, 7PM 2 Hours None A concert with a hidden secret among its r00ts. N/A
Rave Day 2, 9PM 4 Hours -X Sleep7 This is the part of the Con where we dance. N/A
Other Actions
Crash in Room Any Time 1 Hour None Clears 'Stuffsed', +3 Sleep (+4 with Con Hotel) +2 Sleep
Shower in Room Any Time 1 Hour None Clears 'Stuffsed', -4 Stink (-5 with Con Hotel) -2 Stink
Beg For Food Any Time 1 Hour -2 Cool +5 Nom +2 Nom
Food Court Any Time 1 Hour -1 Monies +5 Nom +2 Nom
Con Food Any Time Instant -3 Monies +5 Nom +2 Nom
Use Credit Card Any Time Instant Gives 'Maxed Out' +5 Monies (Must have 'Credit Card' and not 'Maxed Out') +1 Monies
Pay Credit Card Any Time Instant -8 Monies Clears 'Maxed Out' +1 Monies
Om Noms Any Time Instant 'Noms' +4 Nom +2 Nom
Change Clothes Once a Day Instant 'Change of Clothes' -4 Stink, removes Undercover status -2 Stink
Use Energy Drink Any Time Instant 'Energy Drink' +3 Sleep +2 Sleep

Other actions

  • Cosplay Swap: (1 Hour, choose 1 Filter below)
    • New - Prioritizes getting parts you don't already have
    • Head/Body/Prop - Prioritizes getting Head/Body/Prop part
    • Extras - Prioritizes giving away parts you have 2+ of
    • Power - Prioritizes getting high dice values
    • Impact - Prioritizes getting high impact values (A part giving 2d10+3 has an impact of +3)
  • Use Flow: -1 Flow, Bonus based on the action it's used with:
    • Events: +1 Level for regular events. No effect during main events.
    • Dealer's Room: +1 Level during the offer check. No effect when purchasing items.
    • Wandering: No Time or Nom used.
    • Sleep/Nom/Stink Actions: Increases the effect by 2. No effect on Time/Monies/Things used.
    • Cosplay Swap: May choose one extra filter, and receive one extra offer.

Actions at end of Con

  • Leave the Con: Gives Fond Memories Effect for next Con9
  • Last Minute Wander (-1 Sleep, -1 Flow or Time To Wander)
  • Last Minute Push: +2 Sleep, -1 Flow (Costs No Time)
  • Last Minute Bargain: +(5 x Monies) XP in random skill (Costs no time, -All Monies). Known Skill list:
    • Antidrama
    • Artsiness
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Flipping Out
    • GeoSense
    • Rocking
    • Schmoozing
    • Silence
    • Staring
    • Videogaming
    • Alpha Cancel (only w/ Glowslinging Access)

Awesome Ability

Intent Observation:

  • Level 1: +10% Panel XP (20 Awesome)
  • Level 2: +20% Panel XP (50 Awesome)
  • Level 3: +1 Strength / Range in Panels, +30% Panel XP (120 Awesome)

Avoid The Squee!

Gaining the permanent effect Master of Disguise enables: Strut Your Stuff (+1 Strength / +1 Range, may call the Squee)
Gives +1 str/rng per panel when ability is selected. Has a chance to call the Squee which starts a mini-game. Successfully beating the mini-game gives XP in one of three Cosplay Discipline Skills. Failing gets you Glomped, which gives you -1 Strength for each Glomp for the rest of the day, as well as various small bonuses and penalties for going back to your room while still Glomped. 1 Hour panels consist of 4 turns, 2 hour panels of 6, 3 hours of 8 and 4 hour panels are 10 turns.

The Squee Attack!

Con Skills

Gives bonuses for both panels and Main Events.

Alpha Cancel: Parrying powerful attacks.
Antidrama: Handling the drama of others - helps in high-drama situations
Artsiness: Loving to do drawrings - helps in creative things
Bluff: Talk your way out of anything
Chillaxing: Taking it easy - helps in high-stress situations
Combat Sewing: Fixing Cosplay on the fly - helps in cosplay situations
Crossplay: Disturbing yet Distracting
Cosplay: Wearing it like you mean it - helps in cosplay (duh)
Crowdswimming: Moving through throngs of fans effortlessly - helps in high-traffic areas and stampedes
Dance: Busting a move - helps when dancing and impressing
Detect Traps: Notice danger before danger notices you
Drama: Making a scene - helps with fandom and cosplayers
Flipping Out: Going crazy for fun and profit - helps in high-action situations
Frame Advantage: Countering direct strike
GeoSense: Knowledge of local hangouts and foods - helps with maps and exploration
Glomping: The martial art of the Squee
Glowsticking: Glowsticking: Close- and medium-range dance combat - helps in combat and dancing
Guard Crush: Pushing through defensive stances
Hide: Disappear from view
Knowledge: Relevant information about the ninja experience - helps with puzzles and history
Macking: Pleasant conversation.. with hotties - helps with the obvious
Photography: Getting the perfect shot - helps with VIPs and investigations
Posing: Looking good a frame at a time - helps with cosplay and impressing.
Reputation: Knowing that others know what you can do
Rocking: Energy + Ability = Awesome - Helps with idols and versus situations
Schmoozing: Friends with those who matter - helps with VIPs and contests
Search: Find hidden passageways and shinies
Sense Motive: Detect Bull
Shopping: Finding the best deals - helps in the Dealer's Room and in appraisal
Silence: Keeping your mouth shut - helps with security and show-watching.
Spot: Find hidden people
Staring: Paying attention for long periods of time - helps with security and ogling
Tech Punish: Anticipating obvious actions
The Angles: Change your look via framing
Use Rope: Heh heh heh
Veteran: Being able to recognize the flow - helps with historical and serious situations
Videogaming: General prowess in electronic endeavors - helps in gaming
Wake-Up Reversal: Taking the initiative after a fall
Wrangling: Summoning and controlling hordes of fangirls - helps with angry people and impressing

Con Effects

Age Limit: Old enough to get into everything!
Away Game: Far away.. -6 Monies, +10 Sleep/-6 Stink/+4 Food overnight
Baka Badge: It just says '⑨.' Huh?
Backstage Pass: Allows entry to Backstage 1 Events
Cheese: +1 Skillz in Video Game Tourney!
Con Hotel: At the Con! -10 Monies, +9 Sleep/-9 Stink overnight, +1 to all Room Actions, 1 Time to Wander per day, No Stuffsed Penalties
Con Suite: Random Con Suite Wanders, from having the Suite's Mondo Keycard!
Coupon: -2 Cost in next Dealer's Room Search!
Fond Memories: Remember last Con? +1 Cool! (Permanent for 1 Con)
Front Row: -2 Difficulty next non-Main Event!
Glissando: +5 Flow
Glomped: -1 to Panels
Glowslinger: You've attracted the ire of the Rave's elite soldiers, the Tokyo Joe!
Internet Famous: popular for 48 hours! +5 in Cosplay
Master of Disguise: Your Cosplay Skills are legendary! May Strut Your Stuff at panels!
Maxed Out: Your Credit Card needs Refreshing!
Own Room: All alone.. for now! +3 Sleep overnight!
Pre-Reg Entry: Entered into both the Video Game Tournament and the Cosplay
Prime Target: You have a target on your back!
Rising Star: Upcoming Dance Master!
Sardines: Tons of Roommates! +2 Stink overnight!
Stuffsed: Carrying a bunch of Stuffs! Cumulative -1 to all rolls until dropped off!
The Light Fantastic: You've survived the attack of the MikuMiku Douga! (Permanent)
Time To Wander: No Time/Nom cost for Wandering once
Undercover: Unable to Strut for the day
Up All Night: No Sleep last night!

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