Avatar Abilities

As an Avatar of The Flash/The RNG, you have access to special powers! Avatar abilities are Free, and can each be used once a day.

What do you wish to do?

  • Unstoppable (Unbingo self - drops Ascension protections) (always available)
  • Walk Together (make someone else immune to Wasteland damage for 24 hours) (find the Mirror Shard at the Black Altar)

The Eleven-Pronged Seal

Early Hero's Quest: Once you have found the Mirror Shard at the Black Altar, an 11-pointed star will appear here, each of the points having an objective for you to complete. Most of the points start out unknown; you need to complete a point to see the next adjacent points. The order is different for each ninja, though all of the objectives are there. (There is one fixed point for every ninja- the original completed point.) Note that these will use up 1 Tiny Bee each (and don't count if you don't have a Tiny Bee upon achieving them).


This section is unlocked after completing the quest of the same name in Part 2, Tuning. Here, you can Tune your chakra to make the additional Cave missions easier. Tuning that does not match the 'needed' tuning of the mission (a 3-digit-number) will cause you to roll with a reduced % of your strength on that mission. Being 'fully Tuned' for a mission allows you to use 100% of your strength as normal. However, Tuning is not necessary to receive item drops, and so far seems to only affect the challenge of the stat check.

• Tuning a Chakra up costs 1 Filament of that color per raise.
• Tuning a Chakra down to zero costs 1 White Filament.
• You cannot tune Chakra down to any number except zero.
• Tuning costs 1 additional Filament of each color used for each time you've previously Tuned that day.
• Black Filaments do nothing,
as there is no such thing as a Black Filament.* (*yeah, right)

Bugman breaks into a flurry of static as he examines you. "I can clear out that buildup, if you'd like."
(reset Tuning count, 1/day)
Reset Tune >


  • The Eleven-Pronged Seal might be a reference to Naruto's Eight Sign Seal.
  • The Emblems step is a reference to the opening of the Men Without Hats song "The Safety Dance".
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