Attributes describe various statistics about your particular character. They influence virtually all aspects of BvS, from the amount of missions you can do, to your chance of successes when on a mission.

Combat Attributes

There are three primary and one secondary combat statistics. They are Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Doujutsu. The main way to raise these attributes is by going on missions that utilize these particular skills. If you succeed (or fail) on a mission that uses a certain attribute, you will gain AP (attribute points). Once you reach a pre-set amount of AP for that particular stat, your attribute will raise automatically. Your Gen/Nin/Tai Level determines the number of tries that you can do for a mission.
Bonuses without specifications like "+1 Levels" count for primary combat statistics only, while bonuses which says ALL like "+2 ALL Levels" count for both primary and secondary combat statistics.


Genjutsu involves illusions and mind tricks. Any technique that is designed to confuse or deceive the opponent would fall in the category of a genjutsu. Examples include Billy's Sexy Jutsu.


Ninjutsu mostly involve energy attacks and techniques. Unlike genjutsu, they exist in the real world and are not illusions, but they are not physical attacks with the body either. Examples include Emosuke's Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.


Taijutsu refers to physical martial arts (punching, kicking, etc). This is the most physically demanding of the three different combat jutsus. For example, this would include Bruce Jr.'s Leaf Hurricane.


This attribute works the same way as Gen-/Nin-/Taijutsu, exept this one loops. Doujtsu refers to how to use your eyes to accomplish things. This is not at a Starting attribute, but is unlocked by completing the Special Mission Peeping. The base level of Doujutsu is 2 Levels, and it level up in the same way as Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. Only bonuses specified for Doujutsu and bonuses which include ALL attributes is added to Doujutsu stats.


Drain isn't a combat statistic like Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Doujutsu, but work in the same way, but is not included in bonuses for ALL attributes.
Drain is only used when you fight Phases. Drain Level is equal to your Season + any bonuses specified.
Drain Range is equal to your Season + 10 + any bonuses. Drain Strength is equal to any bonuses. See also here.



Your Level in an ability measures your experience using that ability. When you undergo Ability Tests, the number of attempts you get is determined by your Level in that ability. You also have one Level for your character in general, which serves as a rough measure of how experienced you are. This is equal to the sum of your Levels in all three Abilities. Your Gen/Nin/Tai level, Permanent Items, Awesome Abilities earned from Trophies, Allies, Jutsu and the Reaper Bloodline can raise your number of tries.


Your Range in an Ability measures your raw potential in that ability. Where your Level determines how many attempts you get to achieve a success, your Range determines the maximum number you can get on an attempt. Higher Range lets you get higher numbers. Your Range in all three Abilities begins at 10, so you can get 1 to 10. Some Permanent Items, Awesome Abilities earned from Trophies, Allies, Jutsu and Summons can raise your range.


Your Strength in an Ability measures your talent in that Ability. Every point of Strength in an Ability adds +1 to attempts for that Ability, but these attempts cannot go higher than your maximum Range. Your Strength in all three Abilities starts at zero, so you do not receive this kind of bonus when you start out. Remember that All the Strength in the world can't raise a number past your maximum Range. Some Permanent Items, Allies, Jutsu, Upgrades, Summons and the Reaper Bloodline can raise your strength.


Truly exceptional talent in an ability can grant you free Successes in it. When you attempt an Ability Test, if you have any free Successes in that Ability they will be added as successes to the total number of attempts. These free Successes are represented by stars on the test screen, and do not take away from the number of attempts you get. You start with no free Successes. Successes apply regardless of Range. Some Permanent Items, Allies and Jutsu can give you free successes


Edge gives you extra levels based off a percent. Having an edge of 15, for example, will give you a 15% chance per level to gain an additional level. This second level is not subject to the edge chance.

Non-Combat Attributes

Non-combat attributes don't have a direct impact on your combat rolls, but still impact what you can do during your normal day as a ninja.


Stamina determines how many actions you can take during a day. Stamina is extremely valuable; you need it to recharge chakra, attack or spy on other villages, bingo other players and, most importantly, to go on missions. Going on a standard mission will cost you 10 stamina, for example. Village actions do not cost stam. Your stamina is primarily determined by your current rank, but can be modified by the Legacy Bloodline, Upgrades, Permanent Items, Awesome Abilities earned from Trophies, Potions, Ramen, Jutsu, and Themes. The daily bonus stamina does not exist anymore, instead you get a 1 time +50 stamina bonus or +80 stam if you have the Burger Ninja upgrade a day.


Chakra is used to power your jutsu abilities. Most jutsu need chakra to be activated. You start your day with the half of your chakra limit. Meditation Rooms and Crystal Amplifiers can raise your daily chakra. The amount of chakra you have is reset each day, but you may charge more chakra up during your day by spending 10 stamina.


See own section for more information: Appetite

Appetite determines how many Potions you can use in a day. Appetite starts at 100 for Genin and increases by 20 for each full rank (Special Jonin and Jonin count as one rank).

The Crank

See own section for more information: The Crank

The Crank is your Difficulty for BvS and your Max Crank is 2 * (your Season - 1) + any bonuses.


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