The Arena (Pre-Recode)
Warning: Information found on this page is outdated and might not be in the game anymore.

The Arena part of BvS is unlocked at Season 1 Chunin Rank and is available from the Main Menu.

Here you can battle other Ninja for glory and reputation—and stuff!

The fights itself is like a game of 'Rock, Scissor, Paper' with a round limit of nine (9) rounds and helpful special abilities.
Because you either win, lose or tie, there exists no 100% win chance guide, but there exists tactics, which of them you chose to use is up to yourself.

Believe in yourself and your choices and you will get far in the Arena. Good Luck!!!

Features of the Arena

Purchase Entries

Want to fight? buy a pass!
Three arena entries: Starts at 500 Ryo and triples for ever time you buy a new (restarts next day)

Get in a Fight

You are now in the Arena, hunting down an opponent. This can take up to a minute, so don't leave right away - wait at least a minute before you give up. If you don't find someone, you have to wait for another player to join this area. These is a chance you will pair up with someone that has just left the area / closed their browser / isn't paying attention. If that happens, you'll be able to come back here without wasting a play.


When you start searching for players

Still Searching for Players..

When you find someone

You've got an opponent!

Waiting for Other Player to join..

Waiting for Other Ninja..

<other player> Joined! Let's Go!
(hurry, the match has started!)

If you have fought the opponent earlier the same day/uses IP

You've got an opponent, but either you've already played them / someone from that IP today, or they have played someone from yours!

If you don't find anyone:

No one seems to want to fight today..


You start the Arena with 3 attacks of Genjutsu (paper), Ninjutsu (scissor) and Taijutsu (rock)

Gen beats Tai
Tai beats Nin
Nin beats Gen
match-ups makes tie

The base 3 attacks can be changed depending on your actual stats withing the game. If one particular stat (e.g. genjutsu) is particularly higher than the other two stats, then your arena attacks will reflect that (usually in the form of 5 attacks to the one with the highest level, and 2 attacks in each of the rest). The same can be said with any other particularly noticeable imbalance.
For 20,000 Ryo you can freely chose the amount of each attack (min 2, max 5), regardless of your in-game stats.

Arena Shop

Take advantage of your hard-earned reputation!

For Sale Effect Price Pilot Training
Arena Coupon +1 Arena Fights 250 Points 200 Points
Official Inquiry Removes all timeouts 600 Points 480 Points
Major Village Contract Item: +5000 Village Ryo 400 Points 320 Points
Trail Mix Allows you to Collect Ingredients again today 250 Points 200 Points
Arena Favorite Permanent Item: +15% Daily XP Ranking at end of day 1500 Points 1200 Points
Risky Badge Permanent Item: Double Damage given and taken by attacks while Bingo'ing someone 1000 Points 800 Points
Roll of Tickets 10 tickets in the Ninja Lottery 150 Points 120 Points
Tourney Pass One free Tournament Entry 1000 Points 800 Points
Monochrome Pheromone Automatically find any Reaper Ally in your next mission if you win 1000 Points 800 Points
Make-Out Mood Enhancer If you are teamed with only one Ally, Hang Out with them 2500 Points 2000 Points
Duelist's Aura Permanent Item: +1 Range 5000 Points 4000 Points
Duelist's Eye Permanent Item: +2 Range 10000 Points 8000 Points

Other Rewards

Name Bonus How to get
Jazz Hands In the arena you have a tenth card of any attribute to play 10 Wins in a Day as Legacy of the Hero
Eye of the Tiger In the arena you can switch to a winning card once per match 10 Wins in a Day as RedEye
X-Ray Specs In the arena you can break a tie twice per match 10 Wins in a Day as WhiteEye
Doughman Triple Damage to Ninja with Active Bingo Themes! 10 Wins in a Day, Season 2+
Warrior of Wisdom +1 Gen Range, +5 Stamina per Genjutsu Monster Attack 15 Wins in a Day as Legacy of the Hero
Warrior of Courage +1 Nin Range, +5 Stamina per Ninjutsu Monster Attack 15 Wins in a Day as RedEye
Warrior of Power +1 Tai Range, +5 Stamina per Taijutsu Monster Attack 15 Wins in a Day as WhiteEye

Win Record Bonuses

After you reach a certain number of wins you get bonuses such as discounts towards purchasing more fights, and additional free fights everyday. In addition you also get "rankings" that appear on your bvs forum signature. Currently this is how it stands:

Wins Rank Bonus
100 wins Expert 10% discount
250 wins Champion 20% discount
500 wins Master 30% discount + 1 additional free fight
1000 wins Legend 40% discount + 1 additional free fight
1500 wins - 1 additional free fight
2000 wins Veteran 50% discount + 3 additional free fights


Every day at 6AM, 12PM, 6PM, 10PM (Server Time)
Costs 5,000 Ryo to enter, or 2500 for Season 2+ (may be lowered by Monster Upgrades)


Reward Bonus Given to Min Registered people Needed Misc.
Destiny Warrior +2 Range, +5 Arena Fights per Day Winner of the Tournament 65 -
Matrix of Leadership +5 Arena Fights per day Winner of the Tournament 33 -
Largest Tourney Trophy Sells for 175000 Ryo Winner of the Tournament 65 You only get one Trophy per Tournament
Large Tourney Trophy Sells for 100000 Ryo Winner of the Tournament 32 You only get one Trophy per Tournament
Medium Tourney Trophy Sells for 62500 Ryo Winner of the Tournament 17 You only get one Trophy per Tournament
Small Tourney Trophy Sells for 30000 Ryo Winner of the Tournament 9 You only get one Trophy per Tournament
Tiny Tourney Trophy Sells for 15000 Ryo Winner of the Tournament 1 You only get one Trophy per Tournament
Runner-Up Trophy Sells for 6250 Ryo 2nd place of the Tournament 2 -

Rules (taken from 'How to Play')

  • Tourneys start 30 minutes after they open.
  • They require 4 players minimum - less than that, and players are refunded.
  • Once you enter a tournament, you will not be able to fight random people in the Arena until you lose, or the tournament ends.
  • Rounds are up to 15 minutes long (Finals are 20 minutes). You have this amount of time to get a Win against another Tournament player. IF you are left behind because you Tied, and everyone else either won or was eliminated, you will be eliminated as well - don't be late for matches. Your first match starts the moment the round starts - if you don't get to it because you aren't there, you lose.
  • If you Tie twice in a row (other than in the Finals), you automatically lose.
  • Wins are worth 50 Arena Rep.
  • Dark Hour and Light Hour do not apply.
  • If you do not get a Win by the time the round ends, you lose. (if you tried to get into a fight, but someone sucked and wouldn't fight you, you'll get your entry fee back)
  • First Place gets a Trophy based on the size of the Tourney, which sells for a LOT of Ryo. In addition, they get a special prize if this is the first time they've won a Tournament. They also get 50 Rep per person that entered.
  • Second Place gets a number of Runner-Up Trophies based on Tourney size.
  • The 6 PM Tournament has a random Special Rule applied - either everyone has the same power, or everyone has the same cards, or something else crazy. It'll let you know before you sign up.

Friday Night Tournament

This is a special Tournament which happens every Friday at 10PM. The Rules are the same as in normal Tournament, but it is normally the only time you'll find a tournament with at least 33 people, and usually at least 65 people, making it the only time in a week that Matrix of Leadership and Destiny Warrior are actually available. The reason people come to it is that, in addition to any normal prizes you'd win, there are two additional prizes.


Reward Bonus Given to
Tiny Bee Pistols +2 Range, +2 Levels Winner of the Tournament
Regalia +1 Range, +1 Strength, may Attack Villages twice a day Random Non-Wining participator of the Tournament

The Rules (taken from the in-game rules)

Ninja can pay 500 Ryo for three tries in the arena.
These tries do not carry over to the next day.
The cost for each successive set of tries per day triples.

Ninja attempt to overpower each other with various attacks - Genjutsu outwits Taijutsu, Taijutsu outpaces Ninjutsu, and Ninjutsu outperforms Genjutsu.
Your available attacks are based on your actual stats

Ninja battle back and forth, attempting to gain the upper hand.
Getting three or more wins than your opponent automatically defeats them.

Matches last nine rounds. Highest score at the end wins.

Certain rare items give you additional Bloodline-based powers.
Those powers, once unlocked, are:

  • Legacy - you have one additional card, which may be of any type you choose when you play it.
  • RedEye - once, you may swap your card to that of a winning card if you have one.
  • WhiteEye - twice, you may play your cards so powerfully they win ties.

Winning against another opponent gets you points, which will be redeemable later for awesome stuffs.

Winning three times in any given day will get you a 20 Stamina bonus.
Three more wins, 20 more stamina, and so on.

Winning ten times in any given day will… well, you'll find out!

Quitting a match before the screen actually says 'game over' will not only subtract a win from your record, but give you a 'Timeout'.
Too many of these, and you will be banned from the arena.

Matches are decided randomly, based on who is playing at any given time.
When you enter the arena, a match will appear for you anywhere between** 0 and 60 seconds** after joining.
PLEASE wait the full 60 seconds - leaving early can get you a Timeout, if someone else pairs up with you and you leave.
Should you not find a match, you will be told as such, and should try back later.
As more people join the game, matches will be easier to find.

After pairing up, confirm the start of the battle - it will wait for the other player to do so as well.

Timing out loses you the match, even if you were winning.
For example: it is Round 8, you are up by 2. You don't enter an attack, but your opponent does, and you let time run out.
When time ran out, you hadn't acted and your opponent had, so you automatically lose.

You receive 5 points for winning a match, plus 0-100 points, based on your opponent's all-time win percentage.

Fighting someone that you have already fought (or from an IP that you've already fought) will grant you only half your points, and no daily win count.
You have the option to deny this match before it starts if this will be the case.

If you don't have any attacks left of a certain type, it will tell you - you'll have to pick a valid one before time runs out!

Sources of fights

There's a wide variety of strategies that one can employ to get 10/15 wins. The only thing that's absolutely necessary is to be able to have enough games in order to get the desired number of wins, but everyone (yes even you) WILL lose sometimes in the arena, so please don't plan on only using 15 fights and winning them all. Sources of fights (in somewhat ascending order of overall 'cost') are:

  • Everyone starts off with one free Arena play. You can start off with more than one if you have a large number of wins in the arena, but by then you don't need help. :) If you can get lucky and win a Helix Tattoo from Jkeezer, you'll start with 2 more free fights per day.
  • Buying games with Ryo. However, this can can only get you so far. Matches are usually purchased in sets of 3, and triple in cost for each set that's purchased. So the first three cost 500, the next three cost 1,500, the next three cost 4,500 and so on. Buying more than 9 matches in this fashion becomes cost prohibitive. If you can get Strawberry Lvl 2 (or Lvl 3) in your team, you can get one more fight per time you buy. If you can get lucky and win a Soul Of Steel from Super Robots, you'll also get one more fight each time you buy. And if you have a high amount of wins in the arena, buying fights will cost less, but again those people likely don't need help.
  • 3 additional matches can be gained by using Emergency Rations and 50 appetite. This can be done multiple times, limited only by how many rations you can make and your appetite. You can increase your appetite in several ways, notably by getting the Hollow Leg, qualifying for Sp. Jonin or Sannin, or winning a Big Mouth from Hungry.
  • The Tasty Ramen Shop offers a +10 match ramen for 1,000,000 jutsu XP.
  • You can drink Doughman Daiquiri in the Juice Bar for 1 fight per drink. This is expensive, but may be a good backup if you get close and just need a few more fights, and buying matches in sets has progressed to being priced above three times the cost of the drink.
  • You can spend arena reputation points for more matches. 1 match costs 250 reputation points and does not increase in cost. However, you likely want to try to save up your arena rep points to get Duelist's Aura and Duelist's Eye, so be careful before you choose this.

Fight Quotes

both of you used Genjutsu!
Duuude.. look at the colors..

Genjutsu beats Taijutsu!
Ouch, beat up by your own grandmother..

Genjutsu beats Taijutsu!
Punching is impossible when you are COVERED IN SPIDERS AAH SPIDERS

Genjutsu beats Taijutsu!
"Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"

both of you used Ninjutsu!
You forget your hand signs - but so do they!

Ninjutsu beats Genjutsu!
Illusions don't really work on fireballs..

Ninjutsu beats Genjutsu!
When throwing Genjutsu, DO NOT attempt to look like their last bad date!

Ninjutsu beats Genjutsu!
Solution to being eaten by a tree? BURN THE WHOLE FOREST.

both of you used Taijutsu!
Whoa. Their Crane Style IS a match for your Mighty Panda!

Taijutsu beats Ninjutsu!
Hand signs are no match for a kick in the junk!

Breaking Tie with WhiteEye ability
Anything you can do, I can do better!

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