The Arena runs endlessly with blood and soggy ramen, as the valiant Ninja fight for honor, glory, and shinies!


The Arena is the place where you fight random players in the quest for reputation and shinies.
Each day you get a certain number of fights in the Arena which you use to battle against other ninjas.
There are no requirements to fight in the Arena. You are randomly matched up with an opponent with the greatest odds of them being at or near your level/season. Sometimes though, you get unlucky and fight someone significantly stronger.
An arena fight is similar to a mission with a difficulty around 6-9. Both players "roll", and the player with most successes wins the fight. In the event of a tie, the attacking character, (you), will always win. The battle stat is randomly chosen from Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu.
For each fight you do, you get Arena Reputation. You get 30 Rep for a win, and much less Rep when you lose.

Your Shadow

Odds are that you'll get an opponent at or near your Level and Season. This includes yourself. If you draw yourself as your opponent, you'll fight Your Shadow. The fewer characters that are close to you in Levels and Season, the greater the chances of fighting Your Shadow are. Your Shadow is you, exactly, with the same Items and Stats as you. Therefore, assuming you have enough Strength to meet the Difficulty of the Arena Battle, you and Your Shadow will have the same number of Levels + Successes, and so will result in a tie, and thus your victory. Beating Your Shadow gets you a special Prize and a Trophy1.


When you start as a new player you get 2 daily fights. There are items, upgrades, and other things which increase the number of fights. You can also use Ryo to buy 3 additional fights, but the cost increases by a multiple of 4 every time you use this option. This cost increase resets at dayroll. There are also potions which helps you out.

Name Type Number of Fights Misc.
Base - 2 Fights -
Buy Ryo +3 Fights Cost increases per Buy
Arena Coupon Arena Rep +1 Fight -
Shadow Warrior Permanent Item +3 Fights -
Doughman Daiquiri Juice +1 Fight -
The Gladiator Ramen +10 Fights 1 Million JXP
Helix Tattoo Permanent Item +2 Fights -
Matrix of Leadership Permanent Item +3 Fights -
Plastic Ninja Stars AkaTsukiball +2 Fights Season 3+, One per Day
Soul of Steel Permanent Item +1 Fight per Buy -
Strawberry Lvl. 2 Ally +1 Fight per Buy Season 2+
Strawberry Lvl. 3 Ally +1 Fight per Buy Season 2+
Warbound Permanent Item +2 Fights Season 2+
War Room Village Upgrade +2 Fights -
Yoma Blood Potion +3 Fights 30 Appetite

Ryo cost

Here is a table of how the Ryo cost increases

Dark Hour

The Dark Hour appears four times a day-two times AM and two times PM, and lasts for an hour. These hours are chosen randomly each dayroll and can be viewed on the main menu.
During this period players who have gained the permanent item Dark Band can fight each other to increase their Moon state, although players without this item are still free to fight during dark hour. A Dark Hour battle has a slightly higher difficulty than a normal battle.

Battle Modificators

Some items only take effect inside the arena, as shown below.

Name Type Bonus Misc.
Anticoagulant Dark Hour Item Negate all Strength, Success, and Level Bonuses used in the Arena for one Match -
Emergency Rations Potion +1 Range in the Arena for the Day +1 Level in the Arena for the Day (stacks) 40 Appetite
Eye of the Tiger Permanent Item +3 Nin Strength in Arena -
Good Boy Lvl. 2 Ally +3 Successes in Arena Wasteland, Trade
Jazz Hands Permanent Item +3 Gen Strength in Arena -
Moon Dark Hour Attunement Between +1 to +13 Arena Range Season 2+
MoonMaker Dark Hour Item Force the Arena into Dark Hour for one Match -
X-Ray Specs Permanent Item +3 Tai Strength in Arena -


There are a lot of shines to get while you fight:

Name Type How to get Bonus Misc.
Eye of the Tiger Permanent Item Win 10 Fights in a day as RedEye +3 Nin Strength in Arena -
Jazz Hands Permanent Item Win 10 Fights in a day as Legacy of the Hero +3 Gen Strength in Arena -
X-Ray Specs Permanent Item Win 10 Fights in a day as WhiteEye +3 Tai Strength in Arena -
Doughman Ally Win 10 Fights in a day Triple Damage to Ninja with Active Bingo Themes! Season 2+
Warrior of Courage Permanent Item Win 15 Fights in a day as RedEye +1 Nin Range, +5 Stamina per Ninjutsu Monster Attack -
Warrior of Power Permanent Item Win 15 Fights in a day as WhiteEye +1 Tai Range, +5 Stamina per Taijutsu Monster Attack -
Warrior of Wisdom Permanent Item Win 15 Fights in a day as Legacy of the Hero +1 Gen Range, +5 Stamina per Genjutsu Monster Attack -
Shadow Warrior Permanent Item Defeat "Your Shadow" +2 Range, +3 Arena Fights per day -
Matrix of Leadership Permanent Item Defeat a Leader of a Village +3 Arena Fights per day -
NanuMachines Permanent Item Defeat a Leader of an Immortal Realm +2 Range Non-Shadow
The Mark of Eleventy Billion Permanent Item Defeat 11DBHK +11 Stamina per day, +1 to all Ranges -

Arena Rewards

Here you can spend you hard earned Arena Rep on bonuses
The cost may be reduced by the Kaiju Upgrade Pilot Training

For Sale Price Pilot Training
Aura of Experience 1200 Rep 960 Rep
Aura of Fortune 1200 Rep 960 Rep
Badge of Courage 200 Rep 160 Rep
Badge of Power 200 Rep 160 Rep
Badge of Wisdom 200 Rep 160 Rep
Medal of Courage 500 Rep 400 Rep
Medal of Power 500 Rep 400 Rep
Medal of Wisdom 500 Rep 400 Rep
Ring of Courage 400 Rep 320 Rep
Ring of Power 400 Rep 320 Rep
Ring of Wisdom 400 Rep 480 Rep
Warrior's High 600 Rep 480 Rep
Arena Coupon 250 Rep 200 Rep
Major Village Contract 400 Rep 320 Rep
Major Village Contract x11 4000 Rep 3200 Rep
Trail Mix 1000 Rep 800 Rep
MegaTrail Mix 10000 Rep 8000 Rep
Arena Favorite 1500 Rep 1200 Rep
Risky Badge 1000 Rep 800 Rep
Roll of Tickets 500 Rep 400 Rep
Tourney Pass 1000 Rep 800 Rep
Monochrome Pheromone 1000 Rep 800 Rep
Make-Out Mood Enhancer 2500 Rep 2000 Rep
Duelist's Aura 5000 Rep 4000 Rep
Duelist's Eye 10000 Rep 8000 Rep

Season 2+ Arena Reward

To unlock these items you must have the Letter of Marque - which is obtainable by completing Red Tape - and must also be in Season 2+.

For Sale Price Pilot Training
Officer's Pay 3500 Rep 2800 Rep
Streamlined Focus 3500 Rep 2800 Rep
Thrill of Battle 2000 Rep 1600 Rep
Warbound 2000 Rep 1600 Rep
Aura of Gratitude 15000 Rep 12000 Rep


Trophies related to the Arena

  • Dark Victor - Win an Arena Fight during the Dark Hour
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Dark Victor Trophy!
1 Points
  • One Man Army - Win 111 arena matches in a day
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
One Man Army Trophy!
1 Points
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Ninja World Warrior Trophy!
5 Points
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Shadowboxing Trophy!
10 Points
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Super Arena Wars Trophy!
10 Points

The Coliseum

  • There is some construction going on, out in a previously empty field.. Check It Out >


  • Pre-Recode the current Arena used to be called NWW, while the old Arena was based on another principle. (See: The Arena (Pre-Recode))
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