Warning: Information found on this page is outdated and might not be in the game anymore.

This page includes various announcements that are sent to players in game.


  • A gangly, sleepy-eyed bishounen walks up to your prone form, and gives it a kick. "Get up. We've got to figure out who did this to you! We cannot forgive! We cannot forget!" Anonymous has joined you!
  • Ally Get! A blonde little hottie trampy-tramps up to you. "OMG, who is that HOT BOY you are hanging out with?! Is that a Note?! I want to hang out with HIM (and you, I guess)!" LisaLisa has joined you!
  • Ally Get! A creeeeepy girl suddenly latches onto your leg! "YOU HAD SO MANY FRIENDS YESTERDAY. I want friends toooo…" Nadeshiko has joined you!
  • Ally Get! LisaLisa relaxes after a long day of hanging out with you and your Trade buddy. "Life is just great, isn't it?!" LisaLisa has leveled up!
  • Big Board Game Number YY: <player> won with XXX.
  • Bingo Attempt! <date> (<weekday> - <time>) <the player> of <village> has begun a Bingo attempt on you! They have until the end of the day to succeed - you'll hear about it if they do!
  • Bingo'd! <date> (<weekday> - <time>)You have been Bingo'ed by <player> of <village> , just by writing down your name! You cannot attack other villages, spy, patrol, collect, Bingo, or fight in the NWW until your Bingo Timer runs out!
  • Chunin-Level Refer Bonus! You've referred x person(s) who has made Chunin - you've won a <Referral Bonus>!
  • DAKRALAI'D: The Dakralai haunts your nightmares! -20 Stamina!
  • Kaiju Victory: Your Village has defeated Storm Riders!
  • Lottery Runner Up: You won a Golden Potion!
  • Message from <player>: <message>
  • - Message from your Village Leader - <date> (<weekday> - <time>): <message>
  • Monster Attack! <date> (<weekday> - <time>): A monster has been summoned to your village today!
  • Monster Defeated!: Your Village has defeated the monster, and you have received <Kaiju Drop>!
  • SCIENCE! You receive XX Stamina for a successful Science! Activation!
  • Sent Item: A giant pigeon - with a headband, of course - drops an Item in front of you, and flaps slowly away! (<item>, sent by <player>)
  • The Storm Breaks!: Your Storm is the fastest in the land! Sandstorm Power Enabled!
  • The Storm Erupts!: Your Storm is as fast as The Flash's (5,000 MPH)! Sandstorm Power Enabled!
  • Trading: <player> approved your trade!
  • Trophy!: Terri stops by, and tosses you something. "You deserve this, after what you did to that thing." Trophy received - <Kaiju Drop> !
  • Welcome New Player! You are a new Genin! Take missions, join a Village, have fun!
  • You are a Top 1 player today! +15,000 Ryo, -25% Ranking Today!
  • You have been accepted into <village>
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