How To Obtain

  • Win 1,000,001 Ryo or more in one spin on the Roulette.

As they deliver you a sack of over one million Ryo, a girl runs up to you!
"Oh my goodness, you shouldn't have bet so much here! Gambling is dangerous! I'm going to stick around and make sure you don't do anything that reckless from now on!" you seriously doubt that she'll be able to interfere with you, but her clumsy cuteness might get you a discount somewhere..

You got Yuki-chan!



  • 5% off Over11k entry costs

Jutsu Available

  • None

Suggested Teammates


  • This is likely a reference to Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star, due to the pairing of Tsukasa, and the name 'Yuki.'


  • The statistically cheapest way of winning 1,000,001 Ryo depends on whether you are trying to minimize Ryo cost or Stamina costs. See average ROI on Roulette for specifics. The bets you can make are (from top to bottom these are: cheapest to most expensive in Ryo & most expensive to cheapest in stamina):
    • Bet 40,001+ Ryo on 11
    • Bet 83,334 Ryo on any single Element or Number.
    • Bet 250,001 Ryo on Green.
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