Triple H Lvl. 2

How To Obtain

  • Achieve 1st Place in a Mahjong match against Triple H Lvl. 2.

You got Triple H Lvl. 2!
"You will make a glorious Leader."

  • The first time you do this, you also get the hidden Rising Sun trophy.
Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Rising Sun Trophy!
20 Points


  • Kaiju Enticed with Triple-H in-party give 20 RP to those who receive drops.

Jutsu Available


Suggested Teammates

  • Alone! - Rising Sun Bonus! - Blood Altar only gives 300 Stamina, but has no downside!

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2
Triple_H.gif Triple_H_Lvl._2.gif


  • Triple H Lvl. 2 may be based off Junichiro Koizumi from the manga/OVA Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku. Both were leaders, Triple H of his village and Koizumi of Japan, and both specialize in a Kokushi Musou Juusanmen hand (Thirteen Orphans that can win on any terminal), known in the manga as the Rising Sun.
  • Triple H Lvl 2 is of the Legacy of the Hero bloodline.


  • Although this Ally is most useful in the hands of Village Leaders (or at least people who can entice Kaiju), FIGHTO Article 2 can be useful in the hands of almost anyone hunting Worldkai.

Character Battle

  • Triple H's Character battle is a puzzle. Your opponent's hands are always the same, though your hand is not (there seem to be a small number of possibilities for your hand, however). Given that Triple H always starts with the Rising Sun (and Left and Right both start ready to Reach), this would seem to demand perfect play, especially when you take Triple H's special rule into account: one misstep and you lose the game.
  • Spoilers below.
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