The Rack

The Rack is a large breasted and experienced ninja.

How To Obtain

A hot woman pats you on the shoulder. "You've lost a hundred fifty thousand Ryo here? So have I. Let's get a drink."
The Rack joins your party!

  • The Rack used to be obtainable in another way, but this has now been removed. The old way involved having more than a certain amount of friend points for female allies over Dayroll. It was removed for putting too much strain on the server and being too hard to find.


The Rack squishes in next to you, drunk as heck. "Donnn you worry, hon, I've got HORRIBLE luck, but it won't rub off on you! You'll shee! *hic*" You feel her bad luck wash over you..

  • If in your team while you play on the Prize Wheel and you are cheating it decreases the chance to get a Common item. (Good Effect)

The Rack gives the guy a squinty eye. "Not playing fair, eh? I like it." He checks her out, and bumps the wheel a bit..

Jutsu Available


Suggested Teammates


  • The Rack appears to be based off the Naruto character Tsunade. Without a question, the name refers to the character's large breasts.


  • The Rack has some incredible abilities, and some extremely powerful jutsu. However, all of her abilities come with a rather steep cost in stamina. This can be negated by teaming up with Yuri or with Pinky level 2. She's definitely a good late game ally if you play your cards right, but certainly isn't easy to get.
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