The HoClaus

How To Obtain


  • Ally Drops appear 50% more than usual!

Jutsu Available

Suggested Teammates

  • Olmek + anyone that has a drop you want


  • ???


  • This is a pun off of Hokage and Santa Claus.


  • The HoClaus is only available in December.
  • Can be used on BurgerNinja and PizzaWitch missions.
  • The HoClaus, along with Flipper, Proof Reader and Tempest Kitsune, will stay with you when you loop.
  • This ally is very useful when paired with allies that drop rare items such as Hyuk, Billy Lvl 3, etc. This ally's bonus is very small. Drinking Chasers at the juice bar potentially gives you four times his bonus. In fact, it's better to use whichever level of Pinky or put another ally with the same drop or another useful drop in team.
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