Terri Lvl. 3

How To Obtain



  • +2 Tai Strength
  • +2 Tai Range
  • +2 Tai Successes
  • +5 Successes vs. Kaiju
  • Allows Counting Coup!

Jutsu Available


Suggested Teammates


Ally Drop!
Hot Picture of Terri!
Terri strikes a pose, and you snap a pic!
(Total number: X)

For doing the highest damage when a Kaiju in your Village dies:

Trophy!: Terri stops by, and tosses you something. "You deserve this, after what you did to that thing." Trophy received - <Monster Drop>!

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Terri.gif Terri_Lvl._2.gif Terri_Lvl._3.gif


  • Terri Lvl 3 is of the Legacy of the Hero bloodline.
  • Terri appears to be based off the Naruto character Temari.
  • She cannot be taken into WorldKaiju fights. If she's in team (and your team do not have Timmy (any level), CiCi (any level), or MC Stripeypants(any level)), it will display the following:
Terri holds you back. "I'm working with
someone else for this one, I can't help


  • 'Allows Counting Coup!' means that as you attack a kaiju with Terri Lvl. 3 in your team, the system will keep track of how much damage you deal to the kaiju. So long as it's not a kaiju where only the Kage gets a drop, a third monster drop will go to the person with the highest damage tally when the kaiju falls. Only people with Terri Lvl. 3 in their party will be counted. So if only 1 person in a village uses this ally, the extra drop will automatically go to that person.
  • Coup no longer works if the person using her has the drop already. The person who has the highest damage that does not have the drop will be given the trophy.
  • Coup keeps on counting damage done to the kaiju even after it is at Crippled state so there is no limit to the amount of damage you can do to "secure" a win on getting the drop.
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