Terri Lvl. 2

How To Obtain

has become
Terri Lvl. 2!
"You know, if you wore less when you jumped, you could leap it no problem." Hot!
(+2 Strength in Taijutsu, +2 Taijutsu Range, +2 Taijutsu Success!)


  • +2 Strength in Tai
  • +2 Tai Range
  • +2 Tai Successes

Jutsu Available


Suggested Teammates


Ally Drop!
Hot Picture of Terri!
Terri strikes a pose, and you snap a pic!
(Total number: X)

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Terri.gif Terri_Lvl._2.gif Terri_Lvl._3.gif


  • Terri appears to be based off the Naruto character Temari, in the Sasuke rescue arc.
  • Terri 2 used to be a ninja aligned for the Drift Racing storyline before it was removed.


  • Terri gets an absolutely huge upgrade from Lvl. 1 to Lvl. 2. She becomes the Tai ally for quite a while. She's also quite useful for attempting to pass the Season 2 Special Jonin exam.
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