Sue Lvl. 2

How To Obtain

  • Achieve 1st Place in a Mahjong match against Sue Lvl. 2

Sue became Lvl. 2!
(wait - has she been in your party the whole time? weird…)
"Heh, prettys cool. Yous thinks we could go do somethings more fun?"


  • 11% chance for Ramen Pull not to count towards daily max!

Stealth! Ramen Pull not counted towards daily max!



  • Sue is most likely based on Momoko Toyoko from Saki and her ability to make her opponents unable to see her discards or hear her call reach.
  • Sue's name and description probably has no relation to Mary Sues.

Character Battle

  • It's not really possible to defend against Sue. Because you cannot see her tiles, you cannot call off of her even to Ron. You also can't use her discards to figure out what she wants, either, so you cannot prevent her from Ronning anyone else.
  • Because defense is impossible, the only way to beat her is to go out before she does. Play the fastest hands you can, with the best possible waits, even if they do not score very high (though if you get a good deal for a fast AND large hand, you should certainly take it). If you can drive Left or Right into the negatives, that's even better, as it denies her any further chances to beat you.
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