Stalkergirl Lvl. 3

How To Obtain

Stalkergirl puts away her guns, grabs a giant axe, and walks onto the Field!
Stalkergirl is now Lvl. 3!

(+1 Stamina per Mission/Field Action, +1 Strength/Level/Range/Success, +2 Drain)



  • +1 Stamina per Mission
  • +1 Stamina per Field Action
  • +1 Strength
  • +1 Level
  • +1 Range
  • +1 Success
  • +2 Drain

Jutsu Available

Suggested Teammates


  • Note that her stamina bonus does not apply to quests.


  • Stalkergirl Lvl. 3 can be used all Missions, regardless of type.
  • You can level her again if you loop by going to Lost Weapons again with her level 2 form.

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Stalkergirl.gif Stalkergirl_Lvl._2.gif Stalkergirl_Lvl._3.gif


  • Based on her Axe and teamup with Tsukasa, this version of Stalkergirl seems to be a reference to the character of Subaru from the anime .hack//SIGN
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