How To Obtain


  • +4 Levels
  • -50% Ryo

Jutsu Available


Suggested Teammates


  • SNAKEMAN appears to be based off the Naruto character Orochimaru.
  • SNAKEMAN's name is from the fact that "Orochimaru" in Japanese means "monstrous snake man".


  • SNAKEMAN used to be used to slow down leveling (he used to give -50% AP/XP per mission). However, now since he's got a Ryo penalty, his +4 levels aren't nearly as appealing as they could be. In most cases*, you'll probably want to pass on SNAKEMAN for teams. However, he is very useful when fighting kaiju, especially when you already have enough strength to roll all successes. His jutsu are also very useful.

*If you put him with the Wasteland Ally Haus, life will be a lot easier with this guy as you'll get a team bonus which eliminates his Ryo penalty. Or you can put him with a third person and still eliminate this horrible penalty.

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