Rover's Mom

How To Obtain

You got an Ally!
Rover's Mom!
Some wolfy girl thinks you are messing with her kid, but joins you anyway!


  • +1 Range

Jutsu Available

  • None

Ally Drops

Ally Drop!
Dog Treats!
Rover's Mom hands you a treat for being a good Ninja!
(Total number: X)


Suggested Teammates


  • Rover's Mom is probably one of the first allies you'll get with an innate range bonus. However, she's got poor pairings (only Red Rover, and she doesn't even negate his penalties). On the whole, Rover's Mom is a sub-par ally for how late in the season you get her. She may even be better off used in a Girl Power setup, but even those team setups are usually lacking, due to the weak team bonus.
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