Pinky Lvl. 3

How To Obtain

  • Complete a Synchronization in a number of attempts less or equal to the Difficulty. To clarify, here Difficulty means the "grade" of the combo (from 0 to 5, higher "grade" combos deal more damage, have more Elements of chakra to choose from when solving them and require more people to complete). This also means that solving a Synchronization on the 1st attempt levels Pinky up automatically.
  • Pinky must be Level 2.
  • It is not required to have Pinky in your team.
Pinky nods at your deft chakra use! "Now let me show you how to USE it!"
Pinky became Pinky Lvl. 3!
  • Alternatively, after achieving Mastery 20 or more times ever, Pinky 2 automatically levels up on the next Mastery
Pinky nods at your repeated Mastery! "Now let me show you how to USE it!"
Pinky became Pinky Lvl. 3!


  • +2 to all Strength
  • + 1 Stamina per Regular Mission
  • +30% Nin Damage to WorldKaiju!

Jutsu Available

Suggested Teammates


Ally Drop!
Exploding Tags!
Pinky peels off a Tag and flips it to you!
(Total number: X)

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Pinky.gif Pinky_Lvl._2.gif Pinky_Lvl._3.gif


  • Note that her stamina bonus does not apply to quests.


  • She seems to be wearing the K-Belt
  • Do not cofuse the Difficulty "grade" of the combo with the Group attack dificulty shown on the Group attack page, where you solve the puzzle to Synchonize into a combo. The Group attack dificulty means the number of attempts you have avilable to achieve a Mastery, and is equal to the Dificulty "grade" +2. So for example, on a combo of Dificulty "grade" 1, the last chance to achieve Mastery is attempt No. 3.
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