How To Obtain


  • Get two Items instead of one for Ally Drops!

Suggested Teammates

  • The HoClaus/Pinky(any level) + anyone that has a drop you want
  • No official teams are known.


  • Olmek is the name of the talking statue face in the 90s television game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. A number of A-Rank missions were suggested on the Random Village message boards with this theme, and this ally likely comes from that event.


  • It's too bad that you get Olmek so late in the game (Season 2 Jonin). He could make a number of really pain in the butt special missions easier. Perhaps the most obvious is getting Emo Rock CDs and to a lesser extent Tasty Burgers. But, perhaps more importantly, you can use Olmek to get more Note Pages and Juicy Apples for bingo attempts. On MegaMissions, Ally drops come in 22 apiece.
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