How To Obtain

  • Hang out with four or more allies by friendpoints in one day.
checkbox.png Ally Get! A creeeeepy girl suddenly latches onto your leg! 'YOU GOT SO MANY FRIENDS TODAY. I want friends toooo…' Nadeshiko has joined you!


  • +100% chance of finding an Ally
  • Lose 10 Stamina after each mission!

Jutsu Available

Suggested Teammates

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2
Nadeshiko.gif Nadeshiko_Lvl._2.gif



  • The check happens at dayroll; if your valiant efforts from yesterday are enough to have at least four allies hang out with you today, then Nadeshiko shows up, too.
  • If you loop after getting Nadeshiko you get the Theme The Road to Womanhood


  • Because none of the alternative methods of getting your allies to hang out with you will get her attention anymore, Nadeshiko requires some strategy to acquire. You'll need to identify at least four allies of yours that are relatively close to hitting that hanging out status; use the 'current friend rankings' link near the bottom of the main menu to find some good candidates. Then you'll want to party with all of them as much as you can afford, plow through as many missions with them as you can get away with, and generally do whatever you can to get their friend points into a typical top-ten range.
  • A Glowing Mood Ring is nice to have when you're trying to get Nadeshiko; it will reward you for hanging out, even if you don't quite manage to get all four.
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