How To Obtain

  • Achieve 1st Place in a Mahjong match against Mafuru.


  • Gradual random bonuses from Hot Springs Party Room

Suggested Teammates



  • Mafuru is most likely based on Yuu Matsumi from Saki: Achiga-hen - Episode of Side A.
  • Her name is likely derived from the English word 'muffle'; during her Mahjong match, her voice is muffled by the scarf she's wearing to stay warm.


  • There are three possible bonuses that can appear when using the 'Research' Expedition event in the Party Room. Having Mafuru in your team reveals what the day's bonus is.

The bonuses change each day in the following order:

  • Ally Drop Bonus +20% (20/1 - Max!)
  • Appetite +10 (20/2 - Max!)
  • Juice Limit +2 (20/10 - Max!)

The effect appears to cap (Max!) after 20 'Research' Expedition events. This costs 233,750 Ryo with the Fun Club Memberships village upgrade, Avant-Guards perm item, and Sister Sister Bonus! team.

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