LisaLisa Lvl. 2

How To Obtain

  • Get The Tote (also known as The Trade Lvl. 3)


  • Double ally bonus damage during Bingos
  • +40 Stamina if left in your party overnight:

Lisa Lisa makes the night so much more relaxing! +40 Stamina!

Jutsu Available

  • Coup de Grace - 250000 XP. +1 Levels, Switches village contribution of opponent to your Village that day if used to finish Bingo - ShinyShiny needed : 100 C.
  • Turn the Page - 125000 XP. +1 Range, Change Teams without using up a team change - (Item needed: Note Page) 0 C
  • Saving Grace - 250000 XP. +1 Levels, refills Chakra to max once per day if used during a Bingo - Requires WhiteEye : 100 C

Suggested Teammates


Ally Drop!
Note Page!
Man, LisaLisa goes through these like tissue paper..
(Total number: X)

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2
LisaLisa.gif LisaLisa_Lvl._2.gif


  • LisaLisa is based on Misa Amane from Death Note. She is known to refer to herself in the third person as "Misa-Misa".
  • LisaLisa level 2 can go on reaper missions
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