Lil Ro Lvl 3

How To Obtain

  • Beat the Spire Summit boss in Glowslinging
  • In subsequent seasons, just a regular battle in those locations will work


  • +5 Genjutsu Levels
  • +3 Glowslinging Spin

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Lil'_Ro.gif Lil'_Ro_Lvl._2.gif Lil'_Ro_Lvl._3.gif


  • As well as referencing Ino, her appearance and abilities reference the servant Saber from Fate/Stay Night.


  • Teaches the abilities "Excalibur" and "Avalon" in Glowslinging, as well as the EX Moves "Koi-Koi Rekka" and "Kin Goku Satsu"
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