Lil' Ro

How To Obtain


  • +1 Genjutsu strength

Jutsu Available

Suggested Teammates

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Lil'_Ro.gif Lil'_Ro_Lvl._2.gif Lil'_Ro_Lvl._3.gif


  • Lil' Ro appears to be based off the Naruto character Ino.


  • Lil' Ro's not a bad starter ally if you're weak in Genjutsu. She's one of the few Genin level allies that comes with +strength instead of +levels. While early in the game, levels are important, strength becomes far more important as the game progresses. This makes Lil' Ro particularly valuable for the mid-game. However, she quickly becomes surpassed by stronger Gen users, and she herself levels up to Lil' Ro Lvl. 2, which focuses more on levels than strength.
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