K-Dog Lvl. 2

How To Obtain

  • Achieve 1st Place in a Mahjong match against K-Dog Lvl. 2


  • +1 Success
  • +1 Strength
  • 11% chance to get WK Emblems returned when used
K-Dog hands over his Emblems in place of yours!
"Don't worry - I've got plenty."
Emblems Returned!

Jutsu Available


Suggested Teammates

  • ???


  • ???

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2
K-Dog.gif K-Dog_Lvl._2.gif


  • K-Dog Level 2 may be based off of the genius Akagi Shigeru from the manga Akagi.
  • Judging from the scar and the K in K-Dog, it looks like he may also be based off of Ito Kaiji from the manga Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji.
  • Interestingly, both of the aforementioned manga have anime counterparts. In them, Kaiji and Shigeru have the same voice actor.


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