How To Obtain

  • Obtain 200 Bingo Style points.
A creepy character floats down from the sky, and starts to follow you around, laughing quietly.. "A-hyuk, a-hyuk, a-hyuk"..
Hyuk has joined you!


  • Doesn't do anything, just follows you around

Jutsu Available

  • Grim Prediction - 500,000 XP -100 Stamina, +1 Levels, Auto-Track Ninjas during Bingo Attempts : 100 C

Suggested Teammates

  • ???


Ally Drop!
Juicy Apple!
Hyuk gives this apple an eye, so you pocket it!
(Total number: X)
Ally Drop!
Note Page!
Hyuk gets forgetful, and drops a page from his book..
(Total number: X)


  • Hyuk is based on the Character Ryuk from the anime/manga Death Note, he is usually laughing because of something that the character Light does, or doesn't foresee.


  • Although Hyuk isn't a Reaper ally, he won't leave your party if you take a reaper mission (because he's a Shinigami).
  • After attaining a Juicy Apple from Hyuk, The Trade Quest unlocks.
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