How To Obtain

You got an Ally!
A rough-and-tough wrestler-looking guy walks up. "Thanks for the help."


  • +1 Tai strength, +3 on reaper missions

Jutsu Available

Suggested Teammates

  • None known.


  • Hermano has one eye covered, which means he could be of the Legacy of the Hero bloodline.
  • Hermano is based off of Sado Yasutora (a.k.a. Chad) from Bleach.
  • "Hermano" means "brother" in Spanish, which is apropos since the character Hermano is based on, Chad, is of Hispanic descent.


  • The good thing about Hermano is that he provides a Tai strength bonus, which is really lacking amongst Reaper allies. The bad thing is that you get Hermano so late in the Reaper missions that it doesn't come in handy all that often. He'll probably be the one of the last Reaper allies that you need before you Save Shorty.
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