How To Obtain


  • +200% Wasteland Item/Ally find chance
  • Negate penalties from SNAKEMAN
  • +3 Difficulty to being Tracked!

Jutsu Available

  • Diagnosis - 250,000 XP. -5 Strength, +300% Item / Ally find chance - Food Pills needed : 2 C
  • Inner Monologue - 200,000 XP. +3 Range, -3 Strength : 3 C

Suggested Teammates


  • Haus represents the Naruto character Kabuto.
  • Haus is also a joke reference to the television series House M.D..


  • This is your first Wasteland ally.
  • The Picture shown is the "Hi-Def" Picture of Haus. If you wish to find the old image, please look at the files. Also stored is the larger file size of the "Hi-Def" Picture.
  • Buffed by the recode from 2x Find Chance to 3x
  • On attempting to track, the bingoer will see among the normal messages "Someone on their team is helping them hide!"
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