How To Obtain

  • Sell items worth 10,000 Ryo or more to the Shop at once. For example, you can sell 40 Emo Rock CDs. It has to be a single item in a single sale; e.g., selling 100 kunai for 2,000 Ryo and then 32 Emo Rock CDs for 8,000 Ryo will not suffice, and neither will selling 20 Emo Rock CDs and then selling 20 more.
You sell so much stuff at once (ten thousand Ryo!), you've got to drop it off in the back. At a table you notice a fox/wolf/something girl, soused on 'apple juice'. "Haro!" she says (accent, maybe?), and promptly passes out. You notice that she's working on some merchant-y things, so you stuff her in an apple sack and drag her along..

Haro joins you!


(Increase Treasure prices by 5% of maximum value!)


  • Increase Treasure prices by 5% of maximum value

Suggested Teammates


  • This is a reference to the character Holo from the manga and anime series Spice and Wolf.
  • Also see H.A.R.O., which is a reference to Haro, floating spheroid robots from various Gundam series.
  • No apparent relation to Haru from the manga/anime series Reborn!
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