Flipper is some sort of weird, gray creature who is available as an ally to players. He is an excellent team member for beginning players due to his special ability.

How To Obtain

Flipper is likely the first ally that a player will receive in BvS. During your first special mission, Flipper will be given to the character as part of a tutorial on how to form a party and learn jutsu.


  • 5 Less Stamina Cost for Genin on Special Missions, and +20% D-Rank AP!

Jutsu Available

Suggested Teammates


  • Flipper appears to be very loosely based off the Naruto character Iruka. Umino Iruka (umi no iruka) means sea dolphin. Flipper's name is the name of the dolphin from the TV series Flipper.
  • Surprisingly, Flipper CANNOT be used to fight WorldKaiju. If somehow he is in your team (and do not include Timmy, CiCi, MC Stripeypants or Terri), you see this instead when trying to fight:
Flipper stops you. "Sorry there, Ninja, I've
got someone else's Team to
be on to fight this one."


All six of Flipper's beginning jutsu must be learned as part of the starting tutorial. After that, he really has nothing to teach new shinobi. However, he still makes an excellent addition to the beginner ninja, if for no other reason than he has the ability to pump up the weakest attributes that a player possesses.

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